Kuala Pilah District Council Was Called In To Help Rescue A Dog But It Was Killed Instead

The owner wants to seek justice for her dog that was euthanised in front of her eyes.

Cover image via Lily Devan (Edited)

Social media has been abuzz with claims that officers from the Majlis Daerah Kuala Pilah (MDKP) killed a dog when they were called to rescue it

Image via Lily Devan

Facebook user Lily Devan posted on social media yesterday, 10 October, urging netizens to call up MDKP or send an email to them because she wanted "justice for her dog".

In the post, she said that the council officers had killed a dog that got stuck in a drain despite telling them that she was the owner.

"Majlis daerah pulled out the dog and killed (it) on the spot. My whole family were so sad with their system and this man is really cruel," she wrote in the post.

The post has gone viral and received more than 5,400 shares at the time of writing.

It was learned that the woman has lodged a police report on the incident

In the police report, it was stated that the woman called the fire and rescue department to save her dog that fell into a drain.

Personnel from the fire and rescue department attempted to rescue the dog but failed, and officers from MDKP was called in to help.

According to the police report, three officers from MDKP successfully rescued the dog from the drain. However, they did not return it to the owner. Instead, they brought it to the district council's plant nursery while the woman waited outside the area.

The officers allegedly went back to their office and took something to inject the dog until it died. The woman tried to stop the men but they ignored her.

Image via Lily Devan

TheSun reported that a source from the council's office confirmed that the incident did happen but reminded the public to not listen to the speculations on social media

"We are aware that this incident happened but it did not happen as claimed on social media," she was quoted as saying by theSun.

The source added that the case is currently under investigation and that they will inform the public on the findings through a press statement or media conference in the next few days.

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