Meet The Muslimah Who Won't Let Bullies Discourage Her From Helping Stray Dogs And Cats

'Feel Good Friday': She works as a taxi driver and has devoted herself to care for the animals.

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Desy Marlina Amin, an Indonesian Muslim woman, takes care of over 2 dozen stray dogs and 40 cats, according to Coconuts Jakarta

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The website reports that she has been looking after the stray animals since 17 years now. Marlina considers it a "God's work."

"Actually, they are living creatures. They are creatures that were created by God. Nowadays people easily associate these things with religion in order to create arguments," Desy told Detik on Sunday.

Although she occasionally gets donations, Marlina pays for their food herself and frequently posts about them on her Facebook page, which has amassed more than 15,000 followers from all over

However, due to she being a Muslim and the belief among followers of Islam that dogs are "unclean" animals that people should not touch them as it is considered "haram", a lot of people online have threatened Marlina with her life.

Some have even told her that she's offending God by doing so, reported The Dodo.

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The bullying online has been constant, and she sometimes gets harassed on the street as well. But for Amin, the reward for doing what others around her will not makes it all worth it.

"This is my happiness, to see the animals can eat," she said. "I believe the dogs and cats pray for me. When I'm sad, they pray for me. I really believe that."
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Amidst all the hate and bullying, though, there are thousands of people who are supportive of Marlina and her devotion towards the strays, calling her an inspiration to animal lovers in the country

"My faith, my charity, my actions, only God understands. I believe when I adopt and take care of a dog or cat or any animal that is injured, they pray for me," said Desy, who also noted that she ritually cleansed herself according to Islamic teaching after her interactions with dogs.
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