A Group Of Men Assaulted A Senior Citizen And Destroyed His Car At Jalan Masjid India

The whole road rage incident was captured on a video that has gone viral.

Cover image via The Sun Daily

It was past 7pm on Monday, 4 July, when a 76-year-old man driving slowly along Jalan Masjid India's Ramadan bazaar was reportedly assaulted by a group of angry men following a traffic accident, reported The Sun Daily. They stomped on his car, badly damaging it.

One of them is photographed smashing the windscreen of the elderly's car as the crowd gathered there watch.

Image via The Sun Daily

According to City CID Chief Senior Asst Comm Rusdi Mohd Isa, the incident occurred at 7.45pm when a motorcyclist overtook the elderly man's car along Jalan Masjid India and braked suddenly

"The senior citizen was unable to evade in time and knocked into the rear of the motorcycle," Rusdi Mohd was quoted as saying by Harian Metro, reported Malaysiakini.

"While attempting to inspect his car, he (the victim) was attacked by 10 men who started to bash him and damaged his car before fleeing."

The elderly, whose identity has not yet been released by the police, was helped by the traders in the area as the motorcyclist together with the assailants fled the scene after causing the commotion

One of them was photographed standing on top of the damaged car.

Image via The Sun Daily

While only one witness has come forward to shed light on the incident, the police are on the hunt for the 10 men who were allegedly involved in the assault on the elderly, Rusdi revealed

TheSun reported that the police are trying to ascertain the actual number of assailants and their identities through a video recording of the incident that had gone viral.

The video showed a chaotic situation surrounding a silver-coloured car with shattered windscreens, including a topless man who jumped onto the vehicle, and several others attempted to enter the car.

The video lasting over five minutes also depicted DBKL enforcement officers who arrive to defuse the situation and clear a path for the badly-damaged vehicle to leave.

The whole incident was captured on a video. You can watch it here:

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