Merdekarya Claims Remanded Couple Tried To Recruit People To Their Sex Cult At Its Bar

The local music venue expressed its solidarity with Crackhouse Comedy Club and urged the authorities to withdraw the suspension imposed on the premises.

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A local music bar claimed that a couple, who are currently in police custody, had attempted to recruit people to their sex cult and refused to pay a RM75 bill at their venue, among other things

In a Facebook post published on Monday, 11 July, Merdekarya claimed the husband used to frequent its premises in 2015.

Merdekarya wrote the post after his wife recently sparked controversy for allegedly insulting Islam by taking her headscarf and baju kurung off after saying she knew 15 verses of the Quran by heart at the Crackhouse Comedy Club in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur.

Both the husband and wife have been remanded to assist in the investigation, reported New Straits Times.

Merdekarya said it often received complaints from its female customers about the husband. On one occasion, a man wanted to assault him because of his actions.

The husband was told to stay out of the premises if he refused to behave, which he complied with for the next few years.

Fast forward to about a month ago, when Merdekarya claimed the husband reemerged at its music bar along with his wife, saying that the two wanted to host a "sex workshop" at the venue

"He said the event would also involve stand-up comedy and the so-called performance by the Alleycats," it said.

"We refused his request, well, because we were sane, and after all, Merdekarya is a live music place, not a place for a group sex party that comes with a performance by the Alleycats band."

Upon learning of Merdekarya's refusal to host their event, the couple allegedly left the premises without paying their bills, which cost RM75. When contacted on WhatsApp, the husband allegedly refused to pay as well.

According to the post, the husband said he refused to pay because he was upset about Merdekarya refusing to allow Alleycats to perform at the premises, while the wife said a drunk bartender offered them to eat for free that night.

"I do not know. Maybe the communication between the couple was not so strong when they often switched partners with other couples," it alleged, referring to the discrepancy between the couple's reasons for refusing to pay the bill.

Merdekarya alleged that the husband made death and arson threats against the establishment and any musician intending to perform there.

"I will burn you all to the ground now" and "Musicians, if you want to burn with them, you will" were some of the messages the husband allegedly posted online.

Moreover, the husband was said to have tried prompting local authorities to investigate the establishment, claiming Muslim customers had eaten pork there even though the place is aptly called Bar B.

"(The wife), on the other hand, posted a comment that she "accidentally ate" pork and tagged the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and the Johor Health Department to investigate us," it wrote.

The husband was arrested by the police at the end, where he pleaded guilty to the offense and was released with a RM100 fine, according to Merdekarya.

The Bar B restaurant located a floor under Merdekarya

Image via @merdekarya (Twitter)

The local music venue ended the post by expressing its solidarity with Crackhouse Comedy Club, as both establishments are known for hosting open mic events — one for music, another for stand-up comedy

Crackhouse Comedy Club was temporarily suspended after the wife did the controversial stunt at the venue.

"It is highly unreasonable if the premises of art is burdened with the responsibility of anticipating the possibility that one day someone (like the couple) will come on our (open mic) stages to promote a sex cult or a swinging community," it said.

"Clearly, (the couple's) agenda is to use the local art scene for the purpose of promoting their sex cult and if the venue does not allow or ban them, their plan is to use the authorities to close the venue."

"Unfortunately, DBKL fell into (the couple's) bait and suspended Crackhouse Comedy Club's licence, becoming the agency that materialised their perfect plan."

Merdekarya urges DBKL to immediately withdraw the suspension imposed on Crackhouse Comedy Club to avoid becoming an 'accomplice' of the couple's sex cult community.

It is understood that the couple used to run a YouTube channel promoting sex party events, calling couples to come to a location to potentially switch partners with other attendees to engage in sex

At the time of publishing, the YouTube channel can no longer be found.

On the husband's Instagram account, the bio says he is in a polyamorous relationship, and is a writer and comedian.

Below are screenshots of their YouTube videos and a tweet that show some of the content they put out online.

Image via SAYS

Learn more about the case here:

In February, Merdekarya was ordered to shut down:

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