Ministry Issues Apology After Facing Backlash Over Sexist MCO Tips For Women

The posters were criticised by human rights activists, NGOs, and even politicians for the glaring gender bias.

Cover image via Jabatan Pembangunan Wanita/Facebook

After facing backlash, the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development (KPWKM) apologised for publishing sexist advice on social media

On Tuesday, 31 March, they issued a statement explaining that they acknowledge the many responses received after they promoted several tips for women during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

KPWKM Women's Department director Datuk Saidatu Akhma Hassan said that the campaign was meant to cover different themes and the goal is to spread information to women

She wrote, "Our approach was to share ways and practices to maintain positive relationships within the family while working from home. Our team shares daily tips and positive messages on social media in line with our #WanitaCegahCovid19 campaign that covers different themes and the goal is to share the information among women."

"We would like to apologise if several tips were inappropriate or if they touched on the sensitivities of certain groups. We will be more careful in the future."

KWPKM has since deleted the social media postings in question

The posters were criticised by human rights activists, NGOs, and even politicians for the glaring gender bias.

In one of the posters directed toward mothers working from home, the ministry stressed that they should avoid wearing casual clothing and put on makeup instead to increase productivity.

Image via KPWKM/Facebook

Meanwhile, several other images suggest that fights within a marriage solely depends on a wife's character.

KWPKWM wrote that if a husband goes against a wife's request while carrying out tasks at home, the wife should use humorous words and copy Doraemon's tone of voice followed by giggling as opposed to nagging.

Image via KPWKM/Facebook

Read their full statement here:

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Several Malaysians decided to get creative and express their dissatisfaction for the ministry with memes:

The series of posters uploaded by KWPKM was dubbed 'The Happiness of a Household is Built Together, How to Avoid Fights at Home Between Husband and Wife':

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