Ministry Of Transport To Investigate The Cause Of Helicopter Crash Which Took 2 Lives

An initial investigation report will be prepared within 30 days.

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The Ministry of Transport (MOT) will be conducting a thorough investigation to identify the reason behind the clashing of two helicopters in Taman Melawati, Ampang

According to New Straits Times, the incident happened at 11.45am yesterday, 8 November.

It is learned that the helicopters took off from an airport in Subang and were heading to Genting Sempah.

Both aircrafts were two-seat light helicopters, a model named Guimbal Cabri G2 (G2CA).

Explaining how the incident took place, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong said, "The helicopters which had departed from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, were in a flight training session with four crew members."

"A mid-air collision occurred involving both helicopters, after which one crash-landed, while the other successfully made an emergency landing in a field adjacent to SJKT Taman Melawati."

Based on viral footage online, a one-minute video shows the first helicopter descending rapidly from the air, while another helicopter manages to circle in the sky for a while before landing.

Another eight-second video captures a closer look at one of the helicopters as it struggles to hover in the air, before plummeting to the ground. Loud sounds of metal being crushed can be heard.

Two lives have perished in the helicopter that crash-landed

The deceased have been identified as 44-year-old Mohamad Irfan Fikri Mohd Rawi and 56-year-old former Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) officer Mohamed Sabri Baharom.

Mohamed Sabri is said to be a captain at My Heli Club and a retired commander, who was described by his former RMN officer as a "very experienced helicopter pilot".

Following the crash, family members are asking for the public to stop sharing videos of the deceased's bodies at the crash site.

According to Ampang Jaya district deputy police chief ACP Mohamad Farouk Esha, the other two victims in the second helicopter sustained minor injuries.

They have been identified as 66-year-old former Malaysia Airlines (MAS) chief executive officer and managing director Datuk Ahmad Jauhari Yahaya and 41-year-old Tan Chai Eian.

Since the G2CA model was launched 10 years ago, it has recorded a total of 46 incidents

A video capturing both helicopters struggling to hover in the air.

Image via Online News (Facebook)

However, it is the first time Malaysia reported an incident involving this aircraft model, reported Bernama.

According to Aviation Safety Network, a website that covers accidents and safety issues of commercial aircrafts, military transport planes, and corporate jets, the same model of the helicopter had five other incidents this year alone.

Two of the incidents took place in the US, while the rest happened in Switzerland, Poland, and Australia. The latest incidents in Malaysia are the 45th and 46th cases involving the model.

Aviation expert Prof Dr Mohd Harridon Mohamed Suffian told Bernama that the likes of a G2CA model are often used for training purposes as the three main rotor blades make the aircraft more stable while performing the auto-rotation manoeuvre.

To explain the fatal crash yesterday, he said auto-rotation could be engaged when the helicopter engine was not functioning in order to safely land the aircraft.

Since there was no black box in the helicopter to uncover how the incident happened, Dr Mohd Harridon said an investigation will be launched by conducting a video analysis of the incident, taking statements from witnesses, mapping of the aircraft components found, conducting crush analysis, and reviewing the maintenance records.

Meanwhile, Dr Wee said his ministry's Air Accident Investigation Bureau (BKSU) will be investigating the matter and an initial investigation report will be prepared within 30 days.

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