What Jho Low Bought For Miranda Kerr, Including A Diamond Pendant Worth RM16 Million

The items were allegedly bought with funds misappropriated from 1MDB.

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Australian model Miranda Kerr has handed over 1MDB-linked jewellery worth USD8.1 million (RM35 million) to the US Department of Justice (DOJ)

Miranda Kerr

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The jewellery was given to her by financier Jho Low, who allegedly bought the jewels from misappropriated 1MDB funds.

"The transfer of the jewellery gifts from Ms Kerr’s safe deposit box in Los Angeles to government agents was completed on last Friday afternoon.

"From the start of the inquiry, Miranda Kerr cooperated fully and pledged to turn over the gifts of jewellery to the government. Ms Kerr will continue to assist with the inquiry in any way she can," said the model's representative in a statement on 27 June, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Kerr is not accused of any wrongdoing and isn't a defendant in the lawsuits.

What are some of the gifts presented to Kerr with funds allegedly misappropriated from the scandal-ridden 1MDB state fund?

Malaysian financier, Low Taek Jho is allegedly one of the key individuals involved in the 1MDB financial scandal.

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According to the DOJ documents sighted by Australian news site,, Low had allegedly told Schwartz that he had about "USD1 to 2 million" (about RM4 to 8 million) to spend on jewellery and that the size of it matters.

Low's first gift to Kerr was an 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond ring with her initials engraved on it. It allegedly cost him USD1.29 million (RM5.54 million).

It was reported that Kerr began receiving the gifts from Malaysian financier after her divorce from English actor, Orlando Bloom in 2014. The report by DOJ also alleges that this was just the beginning of Low's string of gifts to the Victoria's Secret model.

A few months later, in November 2014, Low had apparently gifted Kerr with a new set of jewellery worth millions of dollars when they were on his new yacht, the Equanimity

The Equanimity

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The 300-feet yacht that is apparently said to be the 54th largest in the world, is part of items DOJ is looking to seize in the civil suit.

All in all, Low's gifts to Kerr include:

• An 8.88 carat diamond pendant worth USD3.8 million (RM16 million)

• An 18 carat white gold diamond set with earrings, a matching necklace, ring, and bracelet worth USD1.98 million (RM8.5 million)

• A pair of an 11 carat diamond earrings worth USD1.05 million (RM4.5 million)

• Low's first gift, the 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond ring worth USD1.29 million (RM5.54 million).

That's approximately RM35 million worth of jewellery gifted to Kerr over the span of one year.

In addition to these, Low is also accused of buying 27 different 18-carat gold necklaces and bracelets worth USD1.3 million (RM5.6 million) of misappropriated funds

These jewels were allegedly selected by the wife of "Malaysian Official 1" (MO1) in October 2014.

Low also paid another USD27.3 million (RM117.3 million) for a pink diamond necklace for MO1's wife, reported Malaysiakini on 16 June.

These revelations come after DOJ filed a civil assets forfeiture on 15 June, to seize about USD540 million (RM2.4 billion) worth of assets

Picasso's 'Nature Morte au Crane de Taureau'.

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The US Department of Justice alleges that the assets include art works, jewellery, and film rights that were purchased with funds misappropriated from the 1MDB state fund, which was set up by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

According to the complaints filed by the DOJ, more than USD4.5 billion (approximately RM19.3 billion) were embezzled by high-ranking officials related to 1MDB from the year 2009 till 2015.

According to Bloomberg, one of the items cited in the latest lawsuit include, Low's luxury yacht, the Equanimity. It is said that the yacht is worth USD260 million (RM1.1 billion) and has a helicopter pad, gym, and cinema. The Equanimity can hold 26 guests and 33 crew members.

On top of this, the lawsuit is looking to seize a Park Avenue condominium, shares of fitness club operator Fly Wheel Sports Inc., a Pablo Picasso painting titled 'Nature Morte au Crane de Taureau', and rights to the 2014 film 'Dumb and Dumber To' produced by Red Granite Pictures, which is co-founded by PM Najib's stepson, Riza Aziz.

More items the DOJ seeks to seize in its latest filing:

• 2.5 million shares of Series D Preferred Stock in Palantir Technologies, a software company;

• All rights and interests in the Electrum Group, an investment manager company;

• Rights to the film "Daddy's Home" produced by Red Granite Pictures;

• A single frame 3-sheet colour lithograph poster by German artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm for the 1927 silent film "Metropolis";

• A collage entitled “Redman One” by Jean-Michel Basquiat;

• A photograph entitled “Boy with the Toy Hand Grenade” by Diane Arbus;

• One 11.72-carat heart-shaped diamond;

• One 8.88-carat fancy intense pink diamond pendant surrounded by 11-carat fancy intense pink diamonds;

• One 18-carat white gold diamond jewellery set, including a diamond necklace, diamond earring, diamond bracelet, and diamond ring;

• One pair of diamond earrings and matching diamond ring, consisting a 7.53-carat flawless type 2A diamond, a 3.05-carat flawless type 2A diamond and a 3.08-carat flawless type 2A diamond;

The items were compiled by Malaysiakini. Read the full version of the complaint by the justice department here.

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