Miss Universe Malaysia Wins 'Best National Costume' But Steve Harvey Messes Up Her Title


Cover image via Nurul Syazana Rose Razman/New Straits Times & Twitter @MissUniverse

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Miss Universe Malaysia Shweta Sekhon just won 'Best National Costume' for her Peranakan-inspired costume at Miss Universe 2019

Her outfit was an elaborate 28kg costume featuring Nyonya sweet treats like onde onde, kuih talam, and kuih lapis.

Dubbed as 'A Peranakan Indulgence', it was created by Malaysian designer Carven Ong, who was inspired by the rich heritage of the Peranakan community and its bridal traditions.

However, during the announcement, host Steve Harvey accidentally revealed the wrong title yet again

"Earlier this week, all the contestants competed in a National Costume contest," he began explaining. "Here's the look at the winner, Miss Philippines..."

Miss Malaysia kindly took the microphone from him and corrected him. "It's not Philippines," Shweta told the host. "It's Malaysia."

Harvey explained that it was not entirely his fault though

"Well... let me explain something to you. I just read that in a teleprompter," he admitted.

"You all quit doing this to me. I can read this. They are trying to fix it now. This is what they did to me back in 2015."

He continued, "This is Malaysia. I really love this National Costume of Malaysia. This is crazy."

Despite that, Miss Universe Malaysia went on to share the meaning of her bold outfit

"The state in Malaysia, which is the Melaka State, it's historical heritage in my country. So what you see here is five tables with foods," she explained.

"And what I am wearing is the bride's outfit from the mixed marriage. And this is the tail of the goldfish..."

Harvey then responded, "Whatever you said. I'm scared to say your name. Thank you, Malaysia. An outfit that nice, you ought to wear that again."

You handled it like a champ, Shweta. Congratulations on the win!

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In 2015, Harvey also made a mistake while announcing the Miss Universe winner:

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