MOE: Students Don't Have To Wear Uniform When Schools Reopen In October

Education Minister Radzi Jidin added that parents can also choose not to send their children for face-to-face classes if they are worried about COVID-19.

Cover image via Malay Mail & Bernama/New Straits Times

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Ahead of schools reopening in stages from 3 October, Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin announced that students do not have to wear uniforms to class

In a press conference announcing standard operating procedures (SOPs) on Sunday, 12 September, Radzi said students can choose to wear their own clothes, so that parents do not have to scramble to buy new ones.

"We do not want to put pressure on parents to provide new school uniforms for their children, our only goal is for the children to return to school," he said, adding that students only need to wear neat and appropriate clothing.

"There are almost five million students in the country who come from various socioeconomic backgrounds. What's important is to bring these students back to school because they have been away for too long."

Radzi said that parents can also choose not to send their children for face-to-face classes if they are worried about COVID-19

"No warning letter will be issued to those who do not attend school, but parents are asked to write a letter to inform the school of their children's absence," he said.

He added that while it is easy for the Ministry of Education (MOE) to continue keeping schools closed due to the high number of COVID-19 infections, students have been detached from the education system since May.

"We realise that many out there want schools to remain closed and reopen next year, but the fact is that we are moving with the National Recovery Plan (NRP) where we need to bring life back by embracing the new normal and adhering to procedures," said the Education Minister.

Schools will be reopening in stages over the month, according to each state's phase under the NRP

However, schools in states under Phase 1 will remain closed and students are to continue with online learning.

Schools in states under Phase 2 will only reopen for Form Six second semester students, special needs students, and students taking international exams.

For states under the other phases, Radzi said that primary and secondary school classes will be split into two groups so that attendance will be capped at 50% at any given time; students will take turns between coming to school and learning at home every week.

The academic year will also be extended to March 2022.

Schools are set to reopen for physical classes after taking into consideration the current vaccination rate in the country:

There have been several reports of hundreds of Malaysian teachers refusing to be vaccinated:

In the US, an unvaccinated school teacher who took off their mask to read to students ended up infecting half of the classroom:

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