Car Models From Nissan, Kia, Peugeot, And More Get Up To RM5,000 Cheaper After SST

Other brands include Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.

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Nissan, Kia, and Peugeot have announced that a few of their models will have price cuts up to 3% after the implementation of Sales and Services Tax (SST)

“This is because we don’t collect as much (tax) compared with the GST, the prices of goods can be flexible and it is also adopted by the government to ensure prosperity for the people,” Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said on 11 September, as reported by FMT.

Nissan sees a price cut of up to RM5,400 for 12 models

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According to Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM), a few models like the Navara will remain at the zero-rated GST prices while stocks last as the SST-inclusive prices have not been provided yet, as reported by Paul Tan.

ETCM added that there will be a 6% service tax for their after-sales services labour charge by Tan Chong Ekspres Auto Servis.

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Meanwhile, eight Kia models are cheaper by up to RM6,000

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One of the largest price cuts of any car model belongs to the Sorento 2.2 CRDi SX that's cheaper by a whopping RM6,000. 

Prices for the Kia Stinger are still awaiting approval from the Ministry of Finance, according to ZigWheels.

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Five Peugeot models will also have price cuts of up to RM1,000

The 3008 SUV variants and 5008 MPV see the largest price cuts of Peugeot models.

Paul Tan reported that those waiting for the new second-gen 508 will have to wait till the second quarter of 2019.

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The Volkswagen Polo, Vento, Passat, and Tiguan models are also cheaper with SST as compared their prices with GST

Price cuts are up to 2.6% and Erik Winter, Managing Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) expressed that these new prices will make owning a Volkswagen more attractive to Malaysians, as reported by Carlist.

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Certain models from Toyota, BMW, MINI, and Mercedes-Benz will have new cheaper prices

According to Carlist, the Toyota Vios and Innova, BMW 118i as well as the MINI Countryman and Mercedes E-class will also have price drops.

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  • Vios 1.5 J M/T: RM74,200 (SST) from RM74,980 (GST)
  • Vios 1.5 J CVT: RM77,200 (SST) from RM77,980 (GST)
  • Vios 1.5 E: RM81,180 (SST) from RM81,980 (GST)
  • Vios 1.5 G X: RM90,180 (SST) from RM90,980 (GST)
  • Vios: 1.5 TRD Sportivo: RM93,200 (SST) from RM93,980 (GST)
  • Innova 2.0E M/T: RM107,280 (SST) from RM107,800 (GST)
  • Innova 2.0 E A/T: RM115,280 (SST) from RM115,800 (GST)
  • Innova 2.0G: RM123,400 (SST) from RM123,800 (GST)
  • Innova 2.0X: RM132,400 (SST) from RM132,800 (GST)

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  • 118i M Sport: RM185,800 (SST) from RM188,800 (GST)

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  • Countryman Sports: RM240,888 (SST) from RM245,888 (GST)
  • Countryman Plug-In Hybrid: RM250,888 (SST) from RM255,888 (GST)

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  • E-200 Avantgarde Line: RM328,888 (SST) from RM333,888 (GST)
  • E-250 Avangarde: RM362,888 (SST) from RM378,888 (GST)
  • E-250 Exclusive Line: RM370,888 (SST) from RM378,888 (GST)

Meanwhile, models from Perodua and Honda will also have a cheaper price tag after SST:

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