Malaysians Warned To Expect Heavy Rain And Thunderstorms ’Til Mid-May

Oh no, more traffic jam for all of us to bear.

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The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) has said our country is currently experiencing a shift of the monsoon season until mid-May

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In a statement released on 26 March, the MET department said states in the west coast and central of the peninsula, west coast of Sabah, as well as west and central of Sarawak will be heavily affected by the monsoon shift.

Heavy rain, thunderstorms, and strong winds are expected during this period in the late evenings.

MET department director-general Alui Bahari said that the peak of the monsoon shift will take place in April

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Alui Bahari told New Straits Times, "During its peak period, we can expect strong wind and heavy rain that will last between one to two hours and flash floods, especially in the afternoons and early evenings."

Alui also urged the public to avoid being in open space when it rains and to not park vehicles close to tall trees as they can fall due to strong wind

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Keep yourself updated with the weather updates and alerts, guys!

The Malaysian Meteorological Department has advised people to be prepared and alert to warnings of downpours issued by METMalaysia.

You can check MET Malaysia website, Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Alternatively, you can also use its SMS service 15888 and the MMD Hotline: 1 300 22 1MET (1638).

You can read the statement from the MET Department here:

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