What's The Recovery Vs Mortality Rate As COVID-19 Cases Surpass The 100,000 Mark Globally?

More than half of those infected patients have recovered.

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Countries around the world are grappling with a growing number of coronavirus cases. At more than 102,500 confirmed cases and 3,501 death on 7 March, the COVID-19 outbreak has spread to 95 territories.

While a majority of the cases and deaths have been in mainland China, there has been an increase in the number of cases linked to the coronavirus in other countries, mostly in Italy, Iran, and South Korea.

At the publication time of this SAYS article, a total of 369 have died in those three countries combined.

The coronavirus outbreak across the world.

Image via The New York Times

However, amidst the growing coronavirus cases, another number has been gradually increasing worldwide. It's the number of recoveries.

In fact, more than half of the patients who were infected worldwide have now made full recovery.

What's the total number of recovered patients worldwide?

It's 57,694, at the time of writing. That's a recovery rate of 56.3%.

So far, 23 of the 93 people with confirmed coronavirus infections in Malaysia have made full recovery.

The number of recovered patients in South Korea is at 118, while in Iran the number has reached 913 out of the 4,747 who were infected. Similarly, the situation is getting better in countries like Italy (523), Singapore (82), Japan (49), and the United Kingdom (18), where a total of 672 were discharged.

In terms of the mortality rate, COVID-19 is far less severe when compared to past epidemics such as Ebola, MERS, and SARS

At the mortality rate of about 3.4%, the coronavirus outbreak falls below the Ebola epidemic, which caused a significant crisis, with 11,310 deaths and the mortality rate of 50%.

It is also far below the MERS mortality rate of 34.45% and the SARS mortality rate of 9.63%.

Although, as the coronavirus outbreak is still unfolding, its fatality rates may change.

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