Mother Who 'Forgot' Her Child In Car: "Forgive Me, Sayang. Ibu Didn't Do It On Purpose"



32-year-old Hasmah Masroh is inconsolable.

The unfortunate mother who accidentally forgot her two-year-old daughter, Awfa, in the back seat of her car on Wednesday, resulting in the child's untimely death, is understandably lost in her grief.

Miserable and in pain, Hasmah doesn't know how to come to terms with the insurmountable loss she has suffered inexplicably at her own hands.

On Wednesday, the walls of Port Dickson Hospital mortuary failed to contain Hasmah's wails, who sought forgiveness from her daughter. The grief-stricken mother's haunting cries drew many to tears.

"I'm so sorry...please forgive me, sayang. Ibu didn't do it on purpose.

"Ibu is so sorry, sayang, Ibu really forgot. Last night, you were fine, Awfa. Today, you've left me," Hasmah cried as over 30 relatives and friends tried consoling her.

The eldest daughter was seen crying on her mother's shoulder while clutching a relative's fingers.

Image via Hazreen Mohamad/BH

Awfa's father, meanwhile, has surrendered it to fate

"This is fated. Allah loved my daughter more," he said in between sobs.

In his 30s and equally grief-stricken as his wife, Muhammad Ali Riduan, was informed about the incident at 1.30pm on Wednesday.

Two-year-old Awfa died of a heat stroke after being left in the back seat of her mother's car in Port Dickson for four hours on 14 March

NST Online reported that the girl was laid to rest at the Telok Kemang cemetery after Maghrib prayers. In the photo below, her mother is seen clutching her eldest daughter.

Meanwhile, the case, classified as child abuse, is being investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001. Read more on this here:

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