A Mother With A Broken Wrist Cooked A Raya Meal For Her Relatives But They Never Showed Up

The mother in Dengkil, Selangor had even called to reconfirm their visit that day.

Cover image via Twitter @_notlaila (Edited by SAYS)

A mother in Dengkil, Selangor recently cooked a large Hari Raya Aidilfitri feast - but nobody showed up to celebrate

Twitter user @_notlaila recently shared her frustration over the incident in a Twitter thread that has since received over 30,000 retweets.

"I am most furious with people who say they want to come over and celebrate, but then never turn up in the end. Pity my mother," Noor Lela Jamil wrote.

Leela shared how her mother had woken up early on Saturday, 22 June, and spent all morning cooking by herself, despite having a broken wrist

"As it is, my mother is not well. Her wrist is broken, but she still put in effort to cook because we haven't seen our relatives in a long time," another tweet read.

She added that her mother had cooked a host of dishes, including prawn mee, biryani rice, durian pengat, bread pudding, and roasted lamb, among others.

In a message to SAYS, Leela said her mother had injured her wrist in a fall late last year.

"[The injury] is permanent. Her grip is so weak. That was because she was falling and she tried to stop her fall with her hand," Leela explained.

Leela shared with SAYS that their relatives informed her mother a day earlier that they would be visiting - and Leela's mother ended up waiting until 10pm for them and they still did not arrive

"My mom did call them in the morning [that day] to confirm with them whether they will coming or not, and they said they will come," Noor Leela shared.

In one of her tweets, Leela said her relatives' excuse was, "Your house is so deep in the woods, until we got lost. We have already passed the place and are close to Negeri Sembilan now. We will visit other peoples' houses first."

"When I returned home after work, my mother thought it was her relatives. She got up to greet me at the door. Her face was shining when she opened the door, but her smile fell when she saw it was just me," Noor Leela wrote in another tweet.

They had to throw away some of the food as there was too much to be kept in their refrigerator.

The heartbreaking incident has struck a chord with many netizens, with several wishing they could visit

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"This thread made me so sad. Pity your mother," one netizen said, "If I was nearby, I would come over and help eat the food, if I was your relative or neighbour.

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One netizen said the relatives are "another example of humans who never learned to respect others."

Image via Twitter

"Next year, don't invite them. There are so many other people who are waiting for invitations," one netizen said.

It is not all bad as, thankfully, a different relative made a surprise visit the day after and finished all the leftover food

"My mom was so happy that the food she prepared was finished," Leela told SAYS of the surprise visit by her father's relatives.

"Her face was beaming with happiness when the food was finished. There are no words to describe her happiness."

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