Duo Suspected To Be 'Mat Rempits' Dies After Crashing Into A Car On The Emergency Lane

The victims are suspected to have participated in an illegal race.

Cover image via China Press

An early morning accident saw two motorcyclists die after they crashed into a car that was parked on the emergency lane

Nazim Mohd Tumirin (left) and Muhammad Iqbal Md Fauze (right) were killed after they got into an accident on Sunday morning.

Image via China Press

The accident happened at about 3.30am on Sunday when 17-year-old Muhammad Iqbal Md Fauze and 21-year-old Nazim Mohd Tumirin, along with two other motorcyclists got into an accident along the KL-Seremban Highway.

Muhammad Iqbal was killed on the spot due to serious head injuries while Nazim died while undergoing treatment at Serdang Hospital.

It was reported that the other two motorcyclists were identified as Habibul Azmie Md Yusoff, 25, and Muhammad Farid Noor Samsuddin, 24.

Habibul Azmi, Muhammad Farid, and the passenger of the stalled Proton Gen-2 are believed to be in critical condition.

Image via China Press

How did the accident happen?

Image via China Press

According to media reports, the motorcyclists were heading towards Seremban from Kuala Lumpur.

It is believed that the four motorcyclists were participating in an illegal race.

Initial investigations reveal that one of the four motorcyclists had lost control and crashed into the right back door of a Proton Gen2, causing the rest of them to lose control as well.

However, the police have yet to identify which of the four had rammed into the Gen-2 first.

According to Kajang police chief Assistant Commissioner Othman Nanyan, the passenger of the Gen-2 was changing a flat tyre at the emergency lane when the incident happened

The driver of the car was the only one who escaped unhurt from the incident.

Meanwhile, it has been learned that Muhammad Iqbal did not have a license

A report by China Press revealed that the deceased's father was aware that the teen had been riding a motorcycle without a license.

According to the 56-year-old father, his son has been preparing to take the license test and that he allowed Iqbal to ride his bike to school and to meet his friends outside.

He said that Iqbal was the only son in his family and he was a very quiet person who didn’t say much.

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