MPKB Allegedly Stopped This Emcee's Job Claiming Malay Women Are Prohibited From Emceeing

"I've been an emcee for 6 years, toured across Malaysia (incl Kelantan). Disappointments, event cancellations, not getting hired; itu semua darah daging freelance emcee seperti saya. But this?"

Cover image via Ameera Aida

On Thursday night, 29 March, Ameera Aida took to Twitter to share a shocking incident of officials from the Kota Bharu Municipal Council (MPKB) allegedly stopping her emcee job in the state capital claiming Malay women are from prohibited from emceeing

According to Ameera's tweets, which were posted at around 9.45pm Thursday night, she was wearing a hijab and loose crew t-shirt while emceeing a kids' event in an indoor setting in Kota Bharu when MPKB officers stopped her.

"My 5-day emcee job in Kota Bharu got cut short to 2 days because the @mpkotabharu prohibits Malay women from emceeing.

"It was a kids' event. Indoors. And I wore hijab and loose crew t-shirt. Clients were horrified. Their hands are tied. I am now on a bus back to KL," reads her first tweet.

In a series of tweets, Ameera said that while she had paid for the flight tickets and hotel rooms that she had booked, her client worked hard to make sure that everything worked smoothly

In following tweets, she alleged that the MPKB officials told her that "women cannot use a microphone to speak because a woman's voice is considered 'aurat'" while questioning that should this stop someone from getting hired?

Ameera, while saying that she understands it's Allah who decides our sustenance and "maybe my sustenance after this will be better. I don't know", she tweeted that she would still like an explanation

She also said that the incident, however, doesn't change how she feels about the people of Kelantan, whom she adores

Meanwhile, earlier today, 31 March, she tweeted that officers from MPKB had issued a verbal warning to her client on the first day of the event, saying, "If you don't change emcee, we will saman"

Since her tweets went viral, Ameera has been approached by Kota Bharu MP Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan's rep to talk about the incident

At the time of writing this story, Ameera's tweets were retweeted by over 4000 times, drawing quite a number of responses

Hundreds of people reacted to Ameera's tweets on Twitter and on Facebook, where screenshots of her tweets were shared by several people.

One such post by lawyer Siti Kasim was the strongest, in which she claimed that the Islamofascists "want to annihilate women completely from public life."

While questioning "what's next?", Siti asked a rhetorical question, saying "Women cannot represent clients in court? We cannot speak in court anymore?"


In other news, following a criticism of the Anti-Fake News Bill 2018, de facto law minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said earlier this week told MPs in Parliament that two changes will be made:

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