Women's Voice "Only 'Aurat' While Performing Prayers", K'tan Mufti Says After Emcee Ban

"...women are free to project their voice as long as it does not lead to defamation."

Cover image via Syamsi Suhaimi/NST Online

Two days after a female emcee alleged that she was stopped from doing her job by Kota Bharu Municipal Council (MPKB) claiming a woman's voice is 'aurat', Kelantan Mufti has now refuted the claim

Kelantan Mufti Mohamad Shukri Mohamad said what happened with the female emcee in Kota Bharu could have been "an administrative issue" as women are not barred from using the microphone at events as their voice is only "aurat" when performing prayers, according to Malay Mail Online's sister publication ProjekMMO report by Aliff Fikri Aziz.

File photo of Kelantan Mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad.

Image via Syamsi Suhaimi/NST Online

The Kelantan Mufti gave an example of the third wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), to highlight why a woman's voice is not "aurat"

"We look at the example of the Prophet Muhammad's wife, Saidatina Aisyah Abu Bakar, who had educated many people. If a woman's voice is considered 'an aurat', how was she able to conduct her lessons?" Mufti Shukri was quoted as saying by ProjekMMO.

"A woman's voice is only an 'aurat' while performing her prayers, but beyond that, women are free to project their voice as long as it does not lead to defamation," he said.

While the female emcee, Ameera Aida, who was emceeing an indoor kids' event, was doing so while wearing a hijab and loose crew t-shirt, the Mufti said that a 'woman's perception that wearing a hijab is enough' at times may not completely cover her 'aurat'

"Women usually have the perception that wearing the tudung is enough to cover the 'aurat', but there may be issues with the T-shirt that was worn," he said, adding that he, however, is not "too sure" as it has to be clarified by MPKB, according to ProjekMMO.

Prior to Kelantan Mufti's remark on the issue, lawyer-turned-politician Dato' Zaid Ibrahim had posted on his Facebook page, urging Ameera to "find a lawyer and challenge the ban"

The former de facto Minister of Law of Malaysia had shared Ameera's original tweet on his Facebook page, writing, "Ameera, you should find a lawyer and challenge the ban. Learn to fight back. Sue them for damages."

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