MPSJ Officer In The 'Steering Lock' Video Gets An Award For His Exemplary Manners

The 31-year-old said that he gets scolded and verbally abused every day.

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Being a municipal employee where your job requires you to often face unreasonable and abusive people demands a character that possesses an insane level of patience

And Nor Safuan Nordin is one such employee of the Subang Jaya Municipal Council.

The MPSJ enforcement officer's patience was put to test last week when a woman was seen yelling at Nor Safuan while threatening him with a steering lock.

But he remained calm, never once retaliating against the woman, who continuously kept waving the steering lock, dangerously close to his face.

Nor Safuan's professionalism earned him some well-deserved praise from netizens.

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While we often fail to honour such people, not this time

Nor Safuan received a certificate of appreciation from Subang Jaya Assemblyperson Hannah Yeoh, Kinrara Assemblyperson Ng Sze Han and MPSJ Acting President Zulkurnain Che Ali, for his exemplary manners, yesterday, 12 September.

Speaking about Nor Safuan, the Council Chief said the council was proud of him.

"He was exemplary. We have 286 enforcement officers who are trained to face those who abuse them," Zulkurnain said, adding that he hopes the incident would serve as a good example to civil servants to always be professional in their jobs.

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Nor Safuan also has a heart filled with absolute kindness

Speaking about the incident, he said that the woman's behaviour towards him was "not the most extreme reaction" and that he has seen worse during other raids.

When asked by reporters whether he would forgive the woman, Nor Safuan said that he already has and that he does not require an apology from her.

"I've already forgiven her, and her husband had also come forward and apologised to me. He is a disabled man, and was shocked his wife had acted in such a manner.

"As it is something I face every day, I did not take what she said to heart," he said.

Imagine being at the receiving end of verbal abuse as part of your job every day and still sympathise with those people

Because that's how Nor Safuan feels for people whose cars had been clamped, saying that after serving two years in the council’s clamping unit, he understands their anger.

"I get scolded and verbally abused every day. People's anger is something I face every day. (But) it's part of my job and I know people will get angry," the 31-year-old officer told Malaysiakini, adding that he understands the anger and annoyance.

"Once, when I had to seize goods from traders, I was threatened with a parang."

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