MR DIY Staff Praised For Going All Out To Help Man Buy Last Minute Deepavali Deco

"This guy is from Tawau and his care for customers and commitment to his job is simply impressive!"

Cover image via Dannis Raj David (Facebook) & Pinterest

An employee at a MR DIY branch in Petaling Jaya has earned the praise of many for going all out to make a customer happy a day before Deepavali

The customer, Dannis Raj David, took to Facebook to share how the employee even stood up to a senior colleague to help him get the last minute Deepavali decorations he needed.

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Dannis wrote that he was initially disappointed with the hardware store for putting away the Deepavali decorations in storage on Friday, 13 November

"Visited MR DIY Tesco Mutiara Damansara today to do my last minute Deepavali deco shopping. To my surprise, I only saw Christmas deco left," Dannis said, wondering why the store took away the festive decorations a day before the celebration but had already put up displays for another that is still a month away.

He asked one of the staff for help and the blunt reply was: "Already kept in the storage. No more."

However, as Dannis was about to leave the store, the cashier greeted him

Trying his luck one last time, he asked the cashier if there were any Deepavali stock left for sale, to which the cashier quickly jumped up and called another staff member to run to the storeroom.

He apologised to Dannis, saying, "Sorry, boss. We have already kept them. But I've asked someone to get it. Please wait."

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The staff returned but told them both that their boss did not allow him to bring the decorations back to the front

Unsatisfied, the cashier kept saying to himself, "But the customer wants it."

He then went to the store manager and insisted that he wanted to sell the decorations to a customer who was asking for it.

Receiving approval from the boss this time, he sent his colleague to the back to retrieve the things but again the person managing the storage did not want to help take them out.

The cashier lost his patience and ran to the back to get the stock himself and allowed Dannis to take his time to browse through them, did a price check, and sent him home with the decorations he wanted.

Dannis wrote on Facebook, "This guy [email protected] is from Tawau and his care for customers and commitment to his job is simply impressive! Any company that has such an employee can be sure that their customers are taken care of."

The post has since garnered over 3,600 likes and over 1,400 shares, with netizens commending Saruni for his exemplary work ethic

"This is sincere work. MR DIY is lucky to have a staff like this. May he have good fortune every day," said a Facebook user.

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"That's how Sabahans treat people! Proud of you, brother. Good job," said another netizen.

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Another said, "We need more staff like [email protected], we could also learn from this. Thanks Dannis Raj David for sharing your experience. Happy Deepavali to you and family."

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