Penang Woman Comes To The Aid Of Delivery Rider Left Stranded In The Rain

The woman braced the rain to see if she could help the rider.

Cover image via Hungry 百家外卖 (Facebook)

A woman in Penang has won Malaysians' praise for going out of her way to help a food delivery rider who was stranded in the rain in the middle of a job

In a Facebook post, the woman, who only wishes to be known as Teh, said the incident happened at 8pm on Tuesday, 3 November, while it was raining heavily.

At that time, she was heading to Tesco to buy dinner, but not before she saw a food delivery rider squatting on the road.

In an interview with SAYS, she shared that the rider stopped in the right lane of a junction just before a traffic light.

"Meaning, he was somehow blocking the cars that wanted to turn right," said the 34-year-old, who works as a business development manager.

Seeing that the rider was checking the food under the rain and wondered whether he was hurt, she got out her car to check on him.

It turned out the string that tied the rider's bag to the motorcycle had torn, and he was concerned that food had spilled out

"I took a look (at the food), it was HaiDiLao Hotpot," Teh said, after returning from her vehicle with an umbrella to cover herself and the rider.

"I asked him how far was the customer's place from our current location, he told me the place was at Quayside Condominium. It was located near Tesco."

After knowing his predicament — that he could no longer use the bag to safely bring the soup-based food to his customer — Teh decided to deliver the food in her vehicle, while having the rider lead the way to the location.

When they arrived at the location, Teh waited for the customer to pick up the food, so that in the event of a complaint, she could help explain the situation to the customer on the rider's behalf

"I asked him to quickly call the customer, but he insisted on checking the food again to see if it was alright," she related.

"As we were waiting, I suddenly remembered I had dry towels in the car. I keep them in the car because I always bring my kids to the beach, so I have them as a standby."

"I gave him a towel to dry himself."

Teh said once the customer learnt about the rider's situation, they were concerned if he was injured.

"Fortunately, they can understand why there was no bag from HaiDiLao Hotpot. Hello, the bag was damaged by the rain because it was a paper bag," she added.

Before she parted with the rider, Teh asked if the rider was going to head home, the rider said no because he still had orders to take.

At the time of writing, the post has gone viral with over 16,000 likes and 3,900 shares

Thousands of comments wished the rider well and commended Teh for helping him out.

"Your good deeds will receive good rewards. You are the best," lauded a person, while another added, "Wishing you a safe and auspicious life, and I also wish the little brother a safe and great career ahead."

"Yes, riders work very hard. Sometimes when we pay via cash on delivery (COD), we should pay extra to show our gratitude," said one Facebook user.

Image via Facebook

Meanwhile, the food delivery company the rider was working for — Hungry 百家外卖 — took notice of the incident.

They pledged to donate RM1 to Teh and the rider for every comment netizens share about the most touching story they experienced while under the rain.

You can leave a comment here.

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