M'sians Help foodpanda Walker Who Braved The Rain To Deliver Orders

Not only did the woman receive a free ride to complete her order, but she also received a bicycle from kind Malaysians.

Cover image via @bell.audri (Instagram) & Solihah Md Radzi (Facebook)

A group of Malaysians has lent a helping hand to a food deliveryperson whose only mode of transport is walking

The discovery of a foodpanda walker was first highlighted by netizen Bella Audri in Kulim, Kedah.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Bella said her husband and his friends noticed a woman with a foodpanda bag delivering an order by foot on Wednesday, 27 January.

Bella posted a photo of the woman hobbling under the hot sun and said that she was astounded to know someone was willing to walk 2km back and forth constantly just to make a living.

"Go to the shop and then to the house is about 2km in distance. She can only make RM4 from an order. Yet, she's willing to do this just to survive," Bella wrote in the caption of the photo.

Under the advice of her followers, she decided to share the woman's plight on Facebook, hoping to get more people to contribute to a fund set up to help the woman.

As Bella's post started to get more attention on Facebook, another netizen spotted the same woman walking in the rain at night to complete a delivery

In a Facebook post, Solihah Md Radzi said she learnt about the foodpanda walker from Bella in the afternoon, and that night, she ran into the woman while she was driving around Kulim.

In an interview with SAYS, Solihah said she met the woman near Taman Semarak.

"Unexpectedly, we found her walking in the rain while carrying the foodpanda bag. Oh my god, it's so heartbreaking. I immediately asked my husband to stop the car near [her]," she said.

Solihah learnt the woman is only 22 years old and her name is Lin. As she was getting into Solihah's car, she kept apologising as her drenched clothing would make the car cushion wet.

"In a situation like this, I can't bear to leave her alone. She is a woman and it was raining. So, we gave Lin a lift even though, at first, she was a bit shy. We proceeded to take her to the customer's house," she wrote.

"Throughout the journey, she kept apologising for giving us trouble and making the car seat wet. Oh, Allah indeed wanted us to meet Lin tonight to serve as a lesson for us. Let the car cushion be wet as it will dry on its own."

Solihah said after completing the order, she brought Lin to a bank to deposit the money she made and drove her to a restaurant to get some food.

At the time of writing, Solihah's post has gone viral with 1,200 shares.

In an update posted yesterday, 28 January, Bella said her husband and other foodpanda riders have gathered enough money to gift Lin a bicycle

According to foodpanda's website, there are three ways to become a foodpanda deliveryperson, which are either by car, motorcycle, or by foot or bicycle.

"The bicycle gift is the result of the fundraising, contributed by all noble people who were willing to help Lin," Bella shared in an Instagram post.

"Hopefully, the bicycle will give you sustenance, and that you and your family will get multiple folds of blessing. Amin."

In the post, Bella also took the chance to thank everyone for the continued support in contributing to the fund. She said she will update from time to time about the collection for Lin.

If you wish to contribute as well, you can find out more information here.

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