Uncle Kentang Helps Wheelchair-Bound KL Woman Who Was 'Left To Rot And Die'

The room where the woman lives in was covered in rubbish and faeces.

Cover image via Kuan Chee Heng (Facebook)

Social activist Kuan Chee Heng has come to the aid of a wheelchair-bound woman who lives alone in a squalid room in Kuala Lumpur

In a Facebook post published on Tuesday, 5 January, Kuan — or more fondly known as Uncle Kentang — said the woman lives alone in a house in Sri Petaling.

According to him, the woman does not even have a pair of pants to wear.

"She wrapped herself with a trash bag. Plastic trash bag. Sleep in a small prison-like room. No light as the only light failed to light up," said Kuan.

"She asked us for candles, and lighter. I refused because she might burn herself to death."

Kuan said that the woman could speak good English and Chinese.

Image via Kuan Chee Heng (Facebook)

Kuan said the woman pays her rent by using RM300 she receives monthly from the Social Welfare Department (JKM)

Without any money left for herself, she only eats one meal a day, which is provided by a kind-hearted person who visits her every day around 11am to 3pm.

Since she is wheelchair-bound, she cannot clean herself. Kuan noted that the room was cluttered with rubbish and faeces.

As for the toilet, he said, "I have no heart to show you."

She was literally left to rot and die there.

"Please non-governmental organisations (NGOs), I need you to share her story so it can help the authorities to rescue her from dying a horrible and unwanted death," Kuan pleaded.

"Please help her. She [does] not deserve to be treated in such a manner. As we [got] her out for some fresh air, she smiled." 

"But unluckily, the moon was absent in the sky. But I guess the sun too was not there every day for her."

"I really hope an NGO can shelter her. No problem, we will pay. This is about humanity that we cannot do without."

In one of the livestream videos, Kuan said he had contacted JKM to see if they could help the woman

"If you can help me to share her plight, please do. If you have [a pair of pants] to spare for her, please visit her," he beseeched.

The social activist said the 84-year-old woman is located near to him, but "far away from humanity".

Since Kuan's first posting, he and other Good Samaritans have gone to feed her, clean her, and get her tested for COVID-19. But more help is still needed.

If you wish to help the woman, you can reach out to Kuan at +6012-2732148.

Read Kuan's full post here:

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