Mydin USJ 1 And Jaya Grocer Will Open 30 Mins Earlier For Senior Citizens And OKU To Shop

The move will start from Wednesday, 18 March onwards.

Cover image via VisionKL & Jaya Grocer

Starting from 18 March onwards, Mydin in USJ 1 and Jaya Grocer outlets will open 30 minutes earlier for senior citizens and OKU to shop in a non-crowded environment

The new opening hours were announced in light of the recent Restricted Movement Order to curb COVID-19 in Malaysia.

Mydin USJ 1 will open from 7.30am onwards, instead of the usual 8am

In a Facebook video posted by SJ Echo yesterday, 16 March, Mydin Mohamed Holdings managing director Datuk Ameer Ali Mydin urged the public to avoid panic-buying and to just buy what you need.

"In situations like this, if you buy more, you're depriving other fellow Malaysians from getting what they also need. At times like this, we must always help each other," he advised.

He also added that there is an adequate supply of all basic essentials so there is no need to panic.

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Mydin will also have dedicated cashier counters available for senior citizens and OKU, along with staff to help them get downstairs

You can watch the video of the announcement below:

Meanwhile, all Jaya Grocer outlets will open from 9.30am onwards for elderly customers, their caretakers, and anyone vulnerable

The special opening hours will start from Wednesday, 18 March until 31 March.

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You can read the full announcement below:

Avoid over-purchasing essentials because it will only make matters worse:

Yesterday, 16 March, the Prime Minister announced that Malaysia will be under a Restricted Movement Order until 31 March:

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