Myvi Barricaded In Parking Spot By Restaurant Tables & Chairs Gets Scratched

The husband of the Myvi's owner has since lodged an official complaint to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).

Cover image via @isusemasaviral (Twitter)

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A man recently took to social media to complain about an incident that occurred to his wife yesterday evening, 7 January, whereby her Perodua Myvi car was boxed into a parking space by a restaurant owner

According to Sin Chew Daily, the man's wife had parked in a public parking space at Jalan Haji Hussein, located at Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur, and was shocked to find her car completely surrounded by tables and chairs when she came back to her vehicle.

It is believed that the woman had parked her car to go to work in the morning and only returned to retrieve her vehicle once she clocked off.

From the photos that were uploaded, the tables and chairs can be seen touching the rear end of the Myvi. A chair was also found to be perched on the roof of the woman's car.

The Myvi owner also reportedly found scratches on her car that were allegedly caused by the surrounding objects.

The Myvi barricaded into a parking space by tables and chairs.

Image via @isusemasaviral (Twitter)

Unsatisfied with the damage that was caused to his wife's car, the man contacted the owner of the restaurant to confront them about the incident

The man sent photos of the scratches on his wife's car and accused the owner of vandalism. He also threatened to report the incident to the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and publicise the issue on social media.

However, the owner was reportedly unfazed by the husband's threats and merely replied, "Okay, thank you," to his messages. The restaurant owner also said that the issue had already spread online and therefore, they would not do anything about it.

The husband had originally posted the photos on Facebook group B40 Buat Perangai Apa Hari Ini, but the post since been taken down.

SAYS has reached out to the restaurant believed to be involved for a comment.

A chair perched on the roof of the Myvi.

Image via @isusemasaviral (Twitter)

In an update to the situation, the husband has since come forth to provide a statement of resolution

According to the Facebook post, the husband said that he and the restaurant owner have resolved the issue between themselves, with the mediation of Dang Wangi district police officers.

"We have agreed to make amends. There was some miscommunication and shortcomings from both sides. With that, this case has been resolved on good terms," the husband wrote.

Many netizens were still dissatisfied with the restaurant owner's actions and said that the owner had no right to hog the parking lot

"Parking spaces are meant for vehicles to park at. The business owner should be fined," one netizen wrote.

Image via Facebook

Other Facebook users said that there was no need for the restaurant owner to place a chair on the roof of the car and that behaviour like this was deplorable.

Image via Facebook

However, others were glad that the situation was resolved with peace and understanding.

Image via Facebook

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