Ipoh Man Pretends To Adopt Kittens & Later Reveals He Feeds Them To His Pet Snake

"It's an amazing moment when their meow fades after they've been attacked. The sound of their bones cracking is just 'chef's kiss'," he wrote.

Cover image via Twitter

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A Malaysian recently took to Twitter to warn cat owners of the existence of a man pretending to adopt kittens to feed to his pet snake

One concerned Twitter user brought the issue to light by sharing several screenshots of the man suggesting to other snake owners that they can get "free" kittens from people putting up their cats for adoption.

"Tips: My friend and I always go for free kitten or rabbit adoption for our snakes," he wrote.

A user replied that he should just feed pigs to his snake, to which he replied, "Pigs are too big for snakes to eat. Kittens are a different story."

"It's an amazing moment when their meow fades after they've been attacked. The sound of their bones cracking is just 'chef's kiss'," he added.

The snake owner first posted an advertisement on Twitter back in June 2022, saying that he is looking for a kitten to adopt around Ipoh

"Hi all, do you know anyone who's looking to let go of their kitten or rabbit? I would like to adopt. My Helga is lonely," he wrote.

However, he did not disclose that Helga is the name of his pet snake in the tweet, which led to innocent pet owners offering their pets to him.

Some Malaysians responded to his tweet by saying that while they do not have kittens, they are letting go of their adult cats.

"Oh no, unfortunately, adult cats are too big," he replied.

Image via Twitter

He later announced that he had found kittens for Helga, and that the snake was very much happy

"Thank you very much for the help. Below is a picture of my cute Helga," he posted while quoting his tweet from January 2022.

In the January 2022 post, the man said that he felt bad for only feeding his snake with mice.

"Daddy will feed you with good food after I get those two things (the kittens)," he wrote.

He also attached a picture of his pet snake, Helga.

In another tweet dated August 2022, he also wrote that he went to a cat adoption convention to find kittens for Helga.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Malaysians were outraged by the reveal and expressed their displeasure in the comment section

One user chastised the man for his tactics and was in disbelief that the snake owner would also heartlessly inform previous owners that their kitten had died from sporotrichosis under his care, when in reality, he had fed them to his snake.

Image via Twitter

Another hoped that the man's snake would one day eat him.

Image via Twitter

"Why? Don't keep snakes if you can't afford to feed them. Those kittens are sinless," said another user.

Image via Twitter

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