Najib Asks Public For Donations To Help Pay For His Family's Legal Costs

He explained that he does not want to financially burden family and friends anymore.

Cover image via REUTERS & The Malaysian Times

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has taken to social media to appeal to the public for donations to help cover his family's legal costs

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On 13 October, the former prime minister shared that his daughter, Nooryana Najib, has started an initiative with NGO Gerakan Belia Sejagat in an effort to ease their financial burden.

According to Nooryana's post, they would need an estimated RM7 million to pay for legal fees and bail for both Najib, who faces 32 charges, and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, who was slapped with 17 charges earlier this month.

"Truly, my family has been facing financial pressure due to all the legal fees and also high bails that have been imposed," he wrote.

Image via REUTERS

Najib explained that their close friends and relatives have been helping them financially thus far. However, he does not want to "burden them anymore."

"If it is not too much, those who wish to help out can contribute to this fund," he said, referring to the initiative as the Solidarity Fund 2.0 DSN.

In addition to Najib and Rosmah's legal costs, the fund would also be used to help activists facing "pressure" from the authorities who are trying to "silence them"

According to the former premier, one of the activists has been served with a legal suit from Syabas for voicing his criticisms towards the Selangor government over the recent water cut.

Najib ended the post by saying that those who have more pressing financial concerns should not prioritise their plight.

"Regardless, a million thanks to everyone who always prays for our family," he wrote.

Read about Najib's and Rosmah's charges here:

In July, the couple's supporters successfully raised enough money to pay the remainder of Najib's bail:

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