Najib: BN's Loss Due To Lack Of Appreciation And Slander

Najib made the speech to a crowd in his constituency of Pekan, Pahang.

Cover image via The Malaysian Times

Yesterday, 20 May, former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak told a crowd in Pekan, Pahang that Barisan Nasional's (BN) GE14 loss was not due to any fault of their own

At an annual meeting of the United Malays National Organisation's (UMNO) Pekan division, Najib attributed the defeat to voters who failed to appreciate BN's contribution and believed Pakatan Harapan's falsehoods, reported Malay Mail.

After listing down the aid given through the 1Malaysia People's Aid (BR1M) as an example, the 64-year-old said that, "Unfortunately, what we have done, our contributions, did not receive the appropriate appreciation."

Najib claimed that Pakatan Harapan won GE14 based on a campaign of "personal and hateful" attacks against him, as well as the "clearly undeliverable" promises they made to the people

"It wasn't a contestation of ideas. It was a contestation of fake news," he said, reported Channel NewsAsia.

According to Malay Mail, the politician told his audience that he would have no qualms about losing to a deserving opponent. However, he said that this is not the case as Pakatan Harapan did not contest on merits.

The Pekan MP also asked how the recent Bank Negara Malaysia quarterly announcement could show that the country's growth remains robust, despite accusations that his government had caused the country to near bankruptcy

Image via Bernama

He asked, "Ladies and gentleman, can it be that, in just three days, they turned the economy completely around?"

Najib added, "Do they have a magic lamp? Aladdin’s lamp? That in three days, the country no longer needs saving?" Malay Mail reported.

Nevertheless, Najib insisted that he has accepted his coalition's defeat "with an open heart" as he believes in the principles of democracy

"Be confident in UMNO's struggle. We must keep fighting. We're in a tough situation but remember, our struggle is holy and noble. One day the people will realise, the youth will realise, that our struggle is real, for our nation and religion," he added, according to Channel NewsAsia.

Yesterday, Najib denied reports that he sought witness protection due to concerns that his life is at risk:

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