Najib's Advisors Reportedly Paid Up To RM200,000 A Month

The revelation was made by The Malaysian Insight through a source.

Cover image via The Malaysian Reserve

Last week, The Sun reported that heads and chairmen of statutory bodies and government-linked companies earn around RM150,000 to RM180,000 a month

A source told the English daily that MAVCOM executive chairman General (Rtd) Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad, who came into the spotlight for his RM85,000 monthly salary, is actually one of the lowest paid authority figures in such organisations. 

Now, a report from The Malaysian Insight has alleged that advisors to former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak were paid up to RM200,000 a month

Image via The Vocket

Citing a source, The Malaysian Insight revealed that the Pakatan Harapan government through classified documents discovered that "a former minister turned advisor to the Prime Minister's Office" was paid RM200,000 a month.

"Many of them were in the RM70,000-RM200,000 salary bracket. But so far we have discovered only one who took home a salary of RM200,000 a month.

"Not only did they enjoy high salaries, they also received many privileges and perks which came with their positions," the source told the news portal.

The source added that all these advisors have since ceased to be on the government's payroll following Barisan Nasional (BN)'s defeat in GE14

"All these officers are no longer in the employment of the government. Most had vacated their offices immediately upon BN's defeat.

"They either left on their own without informing us or were told to leave immediately," the source was quoted as saying.

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