Looking For A Job? Here's The Lowdown On Malaysia's National Apprenticeship Scheme

You can even get an allowance of up to RM1,000!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In an effort to battle the soaring unemployment rate this year, the government rolled out the National Apprenticeship Scheme (SPN) in July 2020

This scheme was jointly launched by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Works, and Ministry of Human Resources, and aims to boost youth marketability. Additionally, its objective is also to provide training and employment opportunities.

The awesome part about this programme is that as of 23 November 2020, a total of 376 out of 397 people have gotten job placements :D

Besides that, 68 employers and training provider companies have collaborated in this programme to provide training and employment opportunities for youths.

Several companies have participated in this SPN programme, namely those that are registered under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), and companies that work with InvestKL.

Here are the deets of what the National Apprenticeship Scheme (SPN) is all about:

1. 10,000 job opportunities are provided to apprentices who participate in this programme

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The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) has designed a 'Job Matching and Placement' concept programme that provides opportunities for the youth to gain work experience.

2. As an apprentice, you'll be able to receive a mobility allowance

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The government is providing stipends depending on the distance you have to travel if you're required to change workplaces or relocate under this programme.

For instance, if you get transferred to a place over 100km from your initial workplace, you're entitled to RM600 per person. Meanwhile, if you're from Peninsular Malaysia and you get transferred to East Malaysia or vice versa, you'll receive RM1,000 :D Payments will be made in a lump sum after the apprentice reports to the employer.

3. You'll also receive soft-skills training that is very useful when it comes to job applications

Apprentices can look forward to skills that will add value to their resume, like public speaking, writing techniques, negotiation skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

4. Employers will also receive a wage subsidy if they are a part of the SPN scheme

Companies involved in the SPN programme can claim wage subsidies through PENJANA initiatives under SOCSO, and training subsidies through HRDF. 

Employers will benefit from PENJANA wage subsidies amounting to RM600 within six months, and a training subsidy of RM4,000 per person. However, the employer needs to be registered with SOCSO and HRDF.

5. The government has also provided other forms of assistance to help the youth

The People's Caring Economic Stimulus Package 2020 and Additional Concern Aid 2020 were implemented in March to assist local economic growth. These aid packages consisted of one-off payments.
- Single CARE assistance of RM800
- Assistance for full-time e-hailing drivers of RM500
- PRIHATIN Nasional Assistance for Form 6 students, Diploma and IPT of RM200

6. You can submit your application for the National Apprenticeship Scheme through their website

To be eligible for this programme, you must be:
- A Malaysian citizen
- 35 years old or below
- Possess an SPM, STPM, Diploma, Degree, or a skill certificate that is recognised by the government
- Possess a certain level of English and Bahasa Malaysia proficiency in both writing and speaking
- No criminal record
- No bankruptcy
- Agree to complete the training in accordance with the scheme

Here are a couple of testimonials from those who have registered for this apprenticeship scheme:

Liang Khai Jin managed to land a position as an IT Developer following her apprenticeship programme.

Ugeta Sekar learned many handy skills, which gave her some much-needed confidence to move forward in her career.

Wanna know how you can participate in the National Apprenticeship Scheme?

If you pass all the eligibility requirements, just make an application through their website.

Employers or companies who want to participate in the SPN programme to provide training and employment opportunities can contact the SPN secretariat via e-mail [email protected], or call 03-8871 3265/3264/3463.

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