Watsons Introduces Special Privileges For Those 45 & Above, And A New Service For Everyone

You can now get your prescription medication at Watsons!

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If you're 45 years old and above, or have a loved one in that category, you're in for a special treat, YAYY!! :DD

Watsons just launched their Health 45+ campaign, with a list of exclusive discounts and promotions.

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Get 10% off selected pharmacy items and 5% off supplements

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For those of you who buy pharmacy items or vitamins and supplements regularly, you'll get to save lots with this special promotion. All you have to do is present your Watsons card at the counter to enjoy these benefits! :)

Save RM100 when you do a health screening with Pathlab

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Head over to Pathlab for a Gold Health Screening for only RM120 (original price is RM220).

The screening includes a blood and urine test profile consisting of 48 tests, including haematology, renal function screening, diabetes screening, lipid profile screening, liver function screening, tumour marker screening, and urine examination. This special offer is only valid for Watsons Card members from now until 30 September 2021.

Want to find out more about Watsons' Health 45+ campaign? Head over to their website today!

Besides that, Watsons pharmacists will also provide free health consultation and other services

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Watsons aims to give the right advice on healthcare and safe use of drugs and devices. As an added benefit to customers, pharmacists will provide free health consultation.

These free services include blood pressure reading, health and body weight assessment, and blood glucose test.

Watsons’ pharmacists are certified to help smokers quit and they are available to help them kick the habit. Customers have also sought the pharmacists’ counsel on hair loss treatment and contraception management.

Meanwhile, customers can also request the pharmacists to show them how to use specific medical devices, so that they can perform their health checks at home as required.

So if you need advice, Watsons as a health institution has its people in place to help all Malaysians and people in general deal with health matters. At no charge.

On top of these special promotions, now everyone can get their prescription medication from Watsons pharmacy thanks to DOC2US

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If you are on long-term medication, it may be inconvenient to keep going back to the hospital every few weeks to collect your medicine. Thankfully, it's now super easy to collect your prescription medication from your nearest Watsons pharmacy.

Even if you don't have a doctor's prescription for your medication, you can now get the required prescription with a few simple steps using DOC2US, an online consultation platform that lets you talk to doctors any time of the day. No need for any more trips to the hospital or waiting for your turn at the dispensary, yayy! :D

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Here's how to get your prescription medication in just minutes at Watsons:

STEP 1: Head over to your nearest Watsons pharmacist
STEP 2: Speak to the pharmacist on duty, who will guide you through the process
STEP 3: Sign up for an account with DOC2US for the e-Prescribing System
STEP 4: Answer a few simple questions
STEP 5: Receive an e-prescription from a doctor online
STEP 6: Get your medicine with ease and immediately

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