McD Has A New Spicy Grand McChicken With An Extra Large Patty & Smoky Chipotle Sauce

Cepat-cepat go try before it's gone!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by McDonald's Malaysia.

OMG gaissssss, Mekdi has a new burger and it looks SO. GOOD.

We always get soooo excites whenever McDonald's announces a new product, and this time, the new addition to the menu will treat you to a satisfyingly grand experience.

Introducing the all-new Spicy Grand McChicken! Mmmm, you've gotta get a taste of that grandeur. Why go big when you can go grand, y'all? ;)

If you're all about that pedas life, you've totally gotta try it and feel that burrrnnn!

Bite into an extra-large, juicy, spicy chicken patty, paired with irresistible smoky chipotle sauce and crunchy fresh vegetables, all sandwiched between toasty, mixed sesame seed buns. And of course, let's not forget that tantalising layer of ooey-gooey melted cheese, yummms.

You drooling yet? We totally are! :9

The Spicy Grand McChicken is only gonna be available for a limited time, so cepat cepat go try before it's gone!

Hurry and open your McDonald's app and order the Spicy Grand McChicken via McDelivery, or drop by a McDonald's Drive-Thru and grab one to go.

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