Netizens React To Neelofa's Apology For Selecting Zouk As Hijab Launch Venue

The launch of her hijab collection took place on Monday, 26 February.

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After saying that she no longer cares about people's criticism, Neelofa has now backed down from her initial stand and issued an apology over the controversial launch of her hijab collection at Zouk on 26 February

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The launch of her 'Be Lofa' hijab collection at Malaysia's most popular nightclub, Zouk, was heavily criticised by netizens.

The Naelofar Hijab owner had previously said, "I've made the decision to no longer care about people's criticism regarding any issue. Most importantly, I know what's being done."

Zouk was chosen by Neelofa and her team because it was eight times cheaper than other venues.

Following public outcry, Neelofa issued an apology via her Instagram account late last night, saying, "We have heard your concerns and we apologise"

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In her statement, Neelofa said she takes full responsibility for all the decisions made and offered an apology for angering the public for the selection of the venue for her event.

She stressed that the brand will be more careful with their decisions in the future to protect the image of the brand and hijab as well.

Neelofa's firm, Naelofar Hijab explained further on how the brand has taken the necessary precaution to set up this event

Neelofa's sister, Noor Nabila Mohd Noor

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The organisers worked closely with Zouk to remove all alcoholic branding, bottles, glasses, and cutleries from the event space.

"The access to the bar and other clubs were also sealed and smoking was not allowed during the event.

"We also hired an external caterer that served halal food. All the glasses and cutleries that were used by all the guests were also provided by the caterer," said the company's managing director Noor Nabila Mohd Noor.

The apologies issued by Neelofa and her brand has received mixed reactions from netizens, with most people welcoming it, but some finding it hard to accept it

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Others, who wish to put the issue to bed, praised Neelofa for her apology

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

However, there are few who felt the apology is part of a marketing strategy

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Image via Twitter

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