Neelofa Offers To Pay Kelantan Burger Hawker's RM50,000 Fine

Over 100 people, celebrities included, have offered financial help to the hawker.

Cover image via @neelofa (Instagram) & Faisal Burger (Facebook)

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When local starlet Neelofa was issued a RM20,000 fine for violating COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs), many netizens brought up the case of a Kelantan hawker who received a RM50,000 compound

However, Neelofa took to Instagram to clarify that her team had reached out to the burger seller and offered to pay his fine.

One of her Instagram Stories read, "My lawyer has contacted the abang burger and we have also contacted the police to ask details about his compound because I have asked to help him pay it, god willing."

The burger hawker's wife said that they appreciate Neelofa's offer.

However, they'd like to wait for the real amount of the compound to be issued.

In an interview with Harian Metro, the hawker's wife, Norlaili Shafien, said, "If the amount that has to be paid is too much and we cannot afford it, then we will accept the offer."

"The lawyer asked me to contact them back if I agree to accept the offer. I am thankful to Neelofa for being willing to help us, but in the meantime, my husband and I would like to wait for the result of our appeal."

Yesterday, 27 April, the couple had gone to the District Health Office to file an appeal for a reduction in the compound imposed.

"An official at the Health Office informed us that our appeal will be sent to the Attorney General's Chambers and I have yet to find out the total amount that we'd have to pay," Norlaili explained.

"Because of that, my husband and I do not want to accept any monetary aid before finding out the amount needed to be paid."

Many others have come forward to help the couple pay off the fine

Norlaili told Harian Metro that celebrity preacher PU Azman and local rapper Caprice have also contacted them, offering to pay their compound.

"Besides these celebrities, we've received over 100 calls from citizens and all of them would like to help," she said.

She added that she did not expect so many people to offer help and sympathise with her and her husband.

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According to a photo of the compound ticket the hawker uploaded, he was fined for running a food outlet outside of his home and exceeding the Movement Control Order (MCO) time restriction:

Actress and TV personality Neelofa was compounded RM20,000 for two separate offences while her family members were fined RM1,500 each:

Meanwhile, another hawker in Kelantan has been fined RM50,000:

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