Nestlé Is Introducing Paper Straws For Milo Packet Drinks In War Against Plastic Waste

"This is our latest commitment to make all packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025."

Cover image via Citizen Journalists Malaysia & New Straits Times

Nestlé Malaysia is rolling out paper straws for its new MILO UHT 125ml drink packs by the end of the year

According to Citizen Journalists Malaysia, Nestlé Malaysia Berhad chief executive officer Juan Aranols announced that they will eliminate 40 million plastic straws from daily use per year with this packaging innovation.

This will also make Nestlé the first food and beverage company in Malaysia to introduce paper straws for packaged drinks.

"This is our latest commitment to make all packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025, and we continue to search aggressively for solutions in our on-going 'War on Plastic Waste'," he said.

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Image via New Straits Times

Nestlé Malaysia Berhad Ready-to-Drink Business Unit executive officer Ng Su Yen said making the switch to an eco-friendly alternative for the straws was not easy

"We had to ensure that the alternative straws are made from high quality material that fits packaging specifications, and remain sturdy when used, without posing any safety risks. We also had to identify suppliers who were capable of meeting our rigorous standards at the quantities required for high volume production," she said.

"Following the successful efforts, we are truly pleased to share this important innovation with our consumers."

Nestlé Malaysia CEO Juan Aranols (right) and Ready-To-Drink Business Unit business executive officer Ng Su Yen (left) presenting MILO UHT 125ml drink packs with paper straws.

Image via Citizen Journalists Malaysia

As part of its 'War on Plastic Waste' initiative, Nestlé Malaysia is continuously developing environment-friendly solutions

According to New Straits Times, Nestlé Malaysia said that two-thirds of its total plastic packaging is currently designed for recycling.

After the pilot initiative, it plans to roll out paper straws for its other MILO UHT variants in progressive phases with the ultimate objective of eliminating over 200 million plastic straws a year.

It also continues to co-develop and test new environment-friendly packaging materials and systems together with development centres, suppliers, research institutions and start-ups.

This switch to paper straws is in line with the government's plan to make Malaysia a zero single-use plastic nation by 2030:

Read more about ongoing efforts to reduce usage of plastic straws here:

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