Aflix TV Group CEO: Those Upset Over Netflix Censorship Issue Do Not Love Their Children

'A' in Aflix stands for 'adab', the arabic word for good manners and etiquette.

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Malaysians had recently suggested on social media that National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) chief executive officer Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri's call for the government to censor Netflix might be motivated by his alleged arrangements with a rival streaming service

On Monday, 18 November, a Twitter user wrote, "No wonder he demanded for Netflix to be censored. Apparently he has a side project."

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The tweet has since garnered 7,100 retweets and 4,200 likes.

Netizens had stumbled upon a Facebook post by a local streaming company, dubbed Aflix TV, thanking Ahmad Idham for his endorsement

The Facebook post read, "FINAS Malaysia agreed to contribute archive content to Aflix and work together to promote Aflix to the industry. Inshaallah we will work together to promote Aflix as the first ethical entertainment platform in Malaysia. Thank you Ahmad Idham and KRU from FINAS."

Another post read, "Aflix's mission is to provide an ethical entertainment platform that is suitable for the whole family. And when a government agency such as FINAS Malaysia is willing to endorse our cause, it is an honour. With FINAS onboard, we believe this collaboration will helps promote local content to the world."

Group CEO and founder of Brainy Bunch Fadzil Hashim said that Aflix TV is a subsidiary under his company and is meant to be an ethical streaming platform

He wrote, "Wow, suddenly today Aflix TV went viral! I am slightly confused as to why many of my Muslim brothers and sisters are condemning Aflix. A lot of people are upset because the name sounds like Netflix. Why were you all fine back when iflix came up with their name?"

He also explained that the 'A' in Aflix stands for 'adab', the arabic word for good manners and etiquette. 

The man then went on to say, "Those who are upset over the demand to censor Netflix maybe do not love their children. There is crude language and so many portrayals of the LGBT."

However, Aflix TV executive officer Azman Shah Shaharuddin clarified that their recent meeting with the FINAS CEO was merely part of a formal visit

According to Malaysiakini, he said that the visit was only to inform FINAS of the launch of Aflix TV that is predicted to happen early next year.

Azman also added that there were no talks of giving Aflix TV special perks or discussions to bring down the competition.

The 34-year-old said that although FINAS is responding to them positively, they have yet to sign any written contracts.

Over the weekend, the FINAS CEO spoke about censoring Netflix during a talk at the University of Technology Malaysia:

While Netflix is not subjected to Malaysia's Film Censorship Act, the platform has been known to remove shows for specific countries at their government's behest:

A 6% tax will be imposed on companies providing digital services such as Netflix from 1 January 2020 onwards:

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