Netizens Call Out Foodpanda After It Irresponsibly Placed Hundreds Of Balloons In Bangsar

The pink-coloured balloons are filled with helium gas.

Cover image via ChowPong/Twitter & TROB/Facebook (edited)

Several photos being circulated on the social media since 21 December show hundreds of helium-filled pink balloons, bearing the Foodpanda logo. While weighed down by small metal rings, the balloons are seen floating everywhere around Bangsar.

Seen around Lucky Garden and Jalan Ara.

Image via Bangsarian/Facebook

It appears to be a promotional stunt by the food delivery service

However, Foodpanda's stunt has not gone down well with the Bangsarians, who have taken to Facebook and Twitter to call out the company for its irresponsible act.

While weighed down using metal rings to prevent them from flying off the ground, the balloons, however, move horizontally and to the road whenever the wind blows, making it dangerous for road users

At the time of writing this story, while there was no word from Foodpanda, Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil tweeted to ask the food delivery service to clean the balloons up if the claim was true

On 24 December, Foodpanda reached out to SAYS with a statement:

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