[PHOTOS] Netizens Compare Crowds At Sunway Pyramid Before & After Report Of COVID-19 Case

Many people voiced their concerns regarding mall vendors losing business.

Cover image via @anuarsllhdn_ (Twitter) & @hedayats__ (Twitter)

Photos of a very empty Sunway Pyramid recently went viral on social media

On Tuesday, 29 September, Twitter user @hedayats_ uploaded several photos of the popular Petaling Jaya mall along with a caption that read, "Sunway Pyramid. Don't be scared. Help my sales. Just follow [standard operating procedures]. Pray that we're kept away from all kinds of diseases. Amen."

The tweet has since garnered over 6,200 retweets and 9,700 likes.

The pictures taken at several different parts of the mall show that the shopping complex has turned into a complete ghost town.

This came after a tenant's staff tested positive for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, another netizen uploaded a photo of the mall right before the COVID-19 case and it shows that the place was bustling

Several people have voiced their concerns regarding the mall vendors losing business

User @hedayats_ told SAYS that his work depended on group sales and in just one day, business declined drastically.

He said, "On Saturday, there was such a crazy crowd. On Sunday, it was suddenly empty. The news [about the COVID-19 case] came out on Saturday evening."

"Most workers at retailers depend on personal targets and this will affect the upcoming months. Even before the COVID-19 case popped up, shops were not hitting their targets and they terminated workers. I'm afraid that after this case, it'll get worse," he added.

Another netizen noted, "For those who are excited for a Movement Control Order (MCO), these are a few of the things you have to consider. Business cannot resume as usual, sales will decline. High-risk workers will be terminated. Some families will have to starve. Seriously, the struggle is real. Please abide with SOP and take care."

"Some people who really want the MCO to be implemented again don't ever think about its effects on businesses. They think about Netflix and dalgona coffee. If MCO 2.0 is implemented, do you think about how businesses work? Totally a lot of people will be laid off, the economy would be down, and Malaysian ringgit might not even be valuable. Just follow SOP," said another user.

Keep practising physical distancing and wash your hands often. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation:

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KL Sentral has also been noticeably emptier than usual:

COVID-19 cases have been reported in almost all states in recent days:

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