Dr Adham Baba: M'sians Should Correct Me If They Want The Govt To Make This Country Better

Screenshots of the Health Minister admitting his blunder in an Instagram comment have gone viral.

Cover image via Hairul Anuar Rahim/New Straits Times

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said Malaysians should correct him whenever he makes a mistake

The minister made the comment on his Instagram in regards to his latest blunder, claiming that he had a World Health Organization (WHO) video conference call with "500 countries".

"Please answer, Datuk. I want to ask how many countries are there in the world? 'Cause I feel like Google is giving me the wrong answer," wrote a netizen in a comments section of Dr Adham's Instagram post.

The comment was written by the netizen at about 1pm yesterday, 19 April.

A quick Google search will say there are only 195 countries in the world.

In response to the comment, Dr Adham admitted he was wrong

"Google is not wrong. Yes, I have incorrectly mentioned 500 countries, it was supposed to be 500 reprentatives from various countries," Dr Adham said.

"If I am wrong, you should help me to correct it if you want to see the current government lead this country to become better."

Very quickly, screenshots of Dr Adham's comment went viral.

Dr Adham's comment was well received by many Malaysians as it has been liked over 100 times at the time of writing

Some netizens praised the Health Minister's courage to publicly admit his blunder.

"You are the best Datuk for readily accepting and correcting the mistake," commented a Malaysian, while another added, "It takes a real man to admit his mistakes."

One netizen said, "You are lucky to have Datuk answer your question. Good job on asking that question. To Dr Adham, may Allah bless all of us.

"We know you all are working in a team to handle COVID-19. May Datuk and the team in the Ministry of Health have enough rest while for us to break this (infectious) chain."

Some netizens have also posted a photo to defend Dr Adham, claiming that the minister indeed had a WHO conference call with some 538 representatives

However, the effort was quickly debunked by other Malaysians as the original photo was first posted on the Ministry of Health's Facebook page on 27 March.

The original photo shows that there are only 338 participants in the conference call instead of 538.

On Saturday, 18 April, Dr Adham Baba claimed the Pakatan Harapan government failed to contain the tabligh cluster:

Former health minister Dr Dzulkelfly Ahmad then took a jab back at Dr Adham Baba:

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