Netizens Praise FT Mufti Dr Zulkifli Who Gifted Cakes To His Chinese Neighbours For CNY

Spread joy and harmony this Chinese New Year.

Cover image via drzul_albakri

Federal Territories Mufti Ustaz Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad Al-Bakri is winning hearts on the social media this Chinese New Year (CNY)

In conjunction with CNY, Dr Zulkifli gifted cakes to his Chinese neighbours.

The Federal Territories Mufti posted several photos on his Facebook and Twitter accounts showing him personally presenting cakes to a Chinese man and a woman.

Image via drzul_albakri
Image via drzul_albakri

In a message to his followers, Dr Zulkifli said that "living religiously is actually beautiful and easy if we understand the religion"

He further added that "Islam celebrates the diversity of different religious beliefs and the faith of different races. The life of Prophet Muhammad Himself showed that the walls of race and religion can be cast aside through politeness and moral values."

"I gave my Chinese neighbours cakes in conjunction with Chinese New Year.

"Maybe this is just a small annual gift, but I really hope it can contribute to the harmony of multiracial Malaysia," the Federal Territories Mufti wrote while urging Malaysians to back to the essentials to show how we are actually one big family.

"Zahirkan keindahan Islam, sebarkan semangat perpaduan," read his post.

Image via drzul_albakri
Image via drzul_albakri

Netizens then took to Facebook and Twitter to praise Dr Zulkifli for his efforts in fostering goodwill and religious harmony

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