Construction Worker Won RM1.5 Million Jackpot After Winning Number Came To Him In A Dream

His younger brother appeared in a dream and told him the number "134".

Cover image via The Nation

The life of a construction worker in Thailand changed overnight when he found out that he won the top prize in a government lottery

Image via The Nation

Detnarong Tembab, who lives in tambon Wagnua, bagged the RM1.57 million (THB12 million) prize on 1 February, The Star reported.

According to the 40-year-old, his younger brother appeared to him in a dream one night and told him the number "134"

When he was contemplating which lottery ticket to buy at a market in Ngaw district, Detnarong found two tickets that ended with the number "134."

He proceeded to buy both tickets.

Image via The Nation

The construction worker became an instant millionaire when the winning number, 967134, was announced on Friday

On Saturday, family and friends visited him in his home to celebrate his good fortune.

Detnarong told reporters that he plans to build a house for his mother and look into other business opportunities, The Nation reported.

After winning the top lottery prize in 2017, this Thai woman was lucky enough to hit the jackpot again in 2018:

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