"Missing Ticket Is Cheaper" - Netizens React To Viral Tweet On RM125 Parking Fee

"Aku terparking kat taman syurga ke..."

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A woman got a shock recently, when she found out that she had to pay RM125 for parking fee at a carpark

Online personality Arlina Arshad, or popularly known as Arlina Banana, took to Twitter to share a photo that shows an autopay machine displaying the parking fee of RM125 on the screen.

"Aku terparking kat taman syurga ke..." (Did I accidentally park in paradise...)," she wrote in a tweet on 12 July.

Arlina did not reveal any additional information about the incident, such as how long the car was parked for or the location of the carpark. Nevertheless, the tweet went viral and has received more than 19,000 retweets at the time of writing.

Arlina's viral tweet got the attention of netizens.

Naturally, quite a number of people were equally surprised at the exorbitant parking fee.

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A few people actually suggested Arlina to "lose" her ticket as the penalty for a missing ticket would be cheaper than the RM125 parking fee

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Some were genuinely concerned and urged Arlina to reveal where she parked her car, as they did not want to become a victim of expensive parking rates

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Curious netizens took turns guessing, saying that this could have possibly happened at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC), AEON shopping mall, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), or KL Sentral.

Some of them said that they have experienced paying up to a few hundred ringgit for parking overnight at these places.

Meanwhile, others were not too bothered about it. Instead, they started sharing their own photos and videos that depict autopay machines showing expensive parking fees amounting to more than a few thousand ringgit.

This particular man's video showed how the parking fee totalled up to RM7,727

It was learned that the man in the video above had initially lost a parking ticket but found it later on. He had kept the parking ticket for about a year when the video was taken, which explains why the parking fee came up to more than RM7,000 when he put it into the autopay machine.

In some places, the carpark operator does not impose a maximum cap limit, so the parking fee would keep increasing.

On the other hand, another user proudly told the Twitterverse that she once got a RM102 discount at an autopay machine

But this guy said that all the talks about expensive parking fees could be avoided by taking public transportation instead

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Speaking of which, all MRT, LRT, and Monorail users can enjoy a 50% discount until 31 August:

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