Netizens Slam Malaysian Mum For Making Toddler Smoke Vape In IG Story

In the clip, the child can be seen taking two drags from the device believed to be held by his father, before scrunching up his face and covering his mouth.

Cover image via Instagram

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A woman recently uploaded an Instagram Story of her toddler son being offered a vape mod by an adult who puts it in his mouth

In the clip, the child, who is seen wearing only diapers, takes two drags from the device believed to be held by his father, before scrunching up his face and covering his mouth.

Behind the camera, the mother's voice can be heard saying, "Three times already, what did mummy say?"

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

The clip has since gone viral and garnered a ton of backlash.

The woman then responded by saying that she has the right to do whatever she wishes as she is the boy's mother.

In the following Instagram Story, the woman wrote, "Everyone's panicking. It's up to me what I want to post. If you feel suffocated, then don't follow me. Those who don't even follow me are busy commenting on my photos. He's my son, it's my right to do whatever. I'm the one taking care of him, stupid!"

Image via Instagram

She then continued to say, "I'm stressed because messages keep coming in. Enough of making this issue viral. I did not know it could get to this. I know I was wrong there. If I wanted to kill my son, I would have thrown him away since he was a baby. It was just a video for fun. Hope everyone will forgive me. Enough of making this viral, I'm stressed."

"Just one fault and everybody sees it going viral. You don't see how a mother takes care of him. A video made for fun, I don't know how it got so viral leading to so much backlash. I'm not abusing him or anything. I know I am wrong. You blew it out of proportion. You should think, if anything happens to me, he is still breastfeeding."

Image via Instagram

Meanwhile, the father took to Facebook to apologise

"Thank you everyone for your advice. I would like to apologise for my wrongdoings in raising my child. I don't force him or abuse him, I was just joking around. Those who follow my wife know how my son is," he wrote.

"He's quite aggressive and active, likes to play with things that are not his toys or made for children. If he wants it, he will get it. Anyhow, I want to apologise for my wrongdoings and thank you so much for your concern. I forgive those who don't know the real story."

Image via Facebook

Netizens were angered by the video and said that the couple's action is considered child abuse

Tagging the official Twitter accounts of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and the Department of Social Welfare, one user wrote, "This child is not safe living with parents like these. Please take action."

Image via Twitter

Another person wrote, "Just throw parents like these into jail! What else did the child endure before this? Only god knows. Where are the authorities?"

Image via Twitter

"Your child acting aggressively is not an excuse for you to joke with your son and use the vape as a toy. Don't wait until the child is gone for you to regret your actions. Or will you not regret it at all? I'm so angry," said another netizen.

Image via Twitter

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