Netizens Thought Leonardo DiCaprio Died In Indonesia Because Another Man Had The Same Name

The 19-year-old college student passed away at a hospital where he was brought for treatment.

Cover image via USA Today & Okezone

On Thursday, 22 August, a multiple-vehicle collision in Indonesia claimed the lives of three people

Image via Okezone

The incident occurred in the early morning at the Riau-North Sumatra interstate and involved an SUV, a Rapi bus, and a truck.

The victims of the accident were 22-year-old Terios Wendy Prima Lubis, 25-year-old Edy Susanto Banjarnaor, and 19-year-old Leonardo Dicaprio.

The fact that one of the victims shared a name with Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio caused confusion among many Indonesians

According to Coconuts Jakarta, netizens were misled as several local media outlets reported that 'Leonardo Dicaprio was killed in a pile-up accident in Riau'.

Image via USA Today

"I feel like a bad person. When I read the headline that Leonardo Dicaprio died, my heart stopped for a moment. When I read the article, it turned out it was another Leo. I was relieved," a tweet read.

"Wait, why was I relieved? It's still the case that one person lost his life?" the netizen added.

Other Twitter users shared that their immediate reaction was also to think that the Hollywood celebrity had passed away in Indonesia

Image via Twitter

They expressed sadness for the fate of the 19-year-old victim, who passed away at a hospital where he was brought for medical attention.

Local news outlets also reported that college student's name was spelled slightly differently than the American actor's

While the 44-year-old actor's last name had a capital C (DiCaprio), the victim's did not.

According to Coconuts Jakarta, Leonardo Dicaprio is not a common name in Indonesia.

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