Why Gen Y Malaysians Should Or Shouldn't Support Najib, According To These Infographics

"If you are Gen Y (Born between 1980 - 1994) and Gen Z (Born after 1994) this message is for you."

Cover image via SCMP/Facebook (edited)

Two contrasting infographics about why Generation Y (Gen Y) Malaysians should or should not support Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak have been making rounds on social media for the past week

On 28 February, Democratic Action Party (DAP) member Dyana Sofya uploaded a photo about why Gen Y must worry if Najib gets another five-year term after GE14 onto her Facebook page

In the photo, eight reasons, with unverified statistics, were listed down in an attempt to convince Malaysians to "vote wisely". 

To date, the photo has garnered over 2,600 reactions on Facebook and over 7,000 shares. 

Within a day, Friends of BN uploaded a counter-photo, with eight reasons why Gen Y Malaysians must support Najib for another five years

The photo contained some unverified statistics as well. Examples include every Gen Y Malaysian gets RM33,017 from the country's RM453 billion in assets, and "more holidays, better cars, and owning more houses".

The photo now has over 3,000 reactions and more than 1,700 shares on Facebook.

For the past week, some netizens have been mocking both photos for different reasons while others have decided to analyse the statements in the photos objectively

Some netizens ridiculed the statistics written in both photos, and called the figures unrealistic and unbelievable.

Image via Facebook

However, some others decided to question the statements in both photos, and instead challenge the statistics presented by both sides.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen also asked if there are housing schemes for Gen Y Malaysians with a salary under RM3,000. 

"Will the minimum salary for everyone in KL be RM3,000?" he asked. 

"Why are there so many homeless people in KL recently? Is this the Gen Y vision, to be homeless for their entire lives?" he added.

Image via Facebook

Yesterday, 7 March, Najib listed another five reasons to not vote for the opposition at the launch for Selangor Barisan Nasional's general election machinery

According to The Star, Najib was pointing out five main weaknesses of the Selangor government. 

The weaknesses include:

  • failure to overcome a water supply shortage
  • high taxes imposed by the state on property and development
  • poor rubbish collection
  • pollution
  • spread of diseases such as dengue
Najib also claimed that the problems cannot be solved one by one, unless Barisan Nasional has political power. 

Furthermore, he said development in Klang Valley could be more effective and integrated if both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur were under Barisan Nasional's administration. 

You can watch Najib's full statement here:

What do you think about the statements posted by both the government and opposition supporters? Let us know in the comments below.

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