New Local Cosmetics Brand Accused Of Copying Sephora And Selling Fake Products

The first Sefarra in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, was soft launched on 18 October.

Cover image via Sefarra HQ/The Inelegant Wench

A local entrepreneur recently opened her own cosmetics store in Kota Bharu, Kelantan

The boutique cosmetics store, Sefarra, is owned by online influencer Farra Fareez. It was learned that Farra has also founded her own line of make up, Farra Beauty. 

The exclusive launch that was held on 18 October, was graced with the presence of several popular local celebrities such as actress Hanez Suraya and public figure Nur Sajat.

While it was a momentous occasion for the young businesswoman, the opening of her store has been marred with controversy.

It has come to public attention that the packaging style, and even Sefarra's storefront bear an uncanny resemblance to popular cosmetic store, Sephora.

As more people noticed these similarities, netizens have criticised Sefarra for blatantly copying global cosmetic store chain, Sephora

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What makes matters worse is that there are claims on social media of Sefarra selling fake branded products

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Sefarra's own perfume miniature set has also drawn criticisms, as it appears to be a knockoff of some best-selling collections of fragrances by renowned, international brands

According to the product description found on Sefarra's official Facebook page, the Sefarra Perfume set comes in four different "inspired classy elegant scents - Coco Chanel, Dior Addict, Chloe, and Gucci Guilty".

Meanwhile, a Twitter user pointed out that other local beauty brands have also mimicked other successful brands

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Just a few months ago, local hijab brand, donUT scarves was accused of copying products and branding by dUCK scarves (by entrepreneur and Fashion Valet founder, Vivy Yusof). On top of that, donUT scarves was also accused of stealing a Japanese artist's work for its own use. 

Another fairly new cosmetics line, ANAS Cosmetics, was established in August 2017. While it quickly gained popularity among locals, many cannot help but to notice that the products look a lot like the ones from NARS, the renowned cosmetics company from France.  

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What do you think about local brands that clone international brands? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below..

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