"Welcome Back, Uncle Roger!" — Netizens Go Bonkers Over Nigel Ng's Return To Malaysia

Uncle Roger said he is back in his home country because he misses his parents. <3

Cover image via Rice to Meet You Podcast (YouTube) & mrnigelng (Instagram)

"Nasi goreng, tapau satu!"

That is probably what 'Uncle Roger' would be saying to our local vendors following his return to Malaysia.

Yes, the Internet sensation Uncle Roger, whose real name is Nigel Ng, is back in Malaysia.

If you did not already know, Ng is a local comedian residing in London, UK.

In July last year, he went viral after he reviewed BBC Food host Hersha Patel's fried rice in a YouTube video, gaining global attention over a single night.

In an Instagram Story posted on Monday, 11 January, Ng revealed that he is currently in Malaysia

"Back in Malaysia! Just in time for lockdown here," wrote the fried rice connoisseur in the caption, adorned with a heart-shaped Malaysian flag.

In the seven-second long video, he can be seen wearing a face mask and dressing in a casual navy blue suit.

The footage shows him traveling in a vehicle on what seems to be a highway surrounded by palm oil trees — a unique trait of many long-distance highways in Malaysia.

Ng had teased his return to Malaysia in a podcast episode, but it was not up until yesterday, 12 January

In the podcast episode with his friend and co-host Evelyn Mok, which was recorded last Thursday, 7 January, Ng said he is going back to Malaysia to meet his family.

"Hopefully, by the time you are listening to this... by the time it is up, I will be in Malaysia. Hopefully," he said, chuckling, while adding, "If everything goes smoothly and the planes don't disappear, then I will be in Malaysia."

When Mok asked if his trip back to his home country is an "essential travel", Ng exclaimed that it is as he wanted to see his parents.

"Essential travel! Family is essential, people," he said while doing a mini dance.

It is not known if his return is linked to the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. SAYS has reached out to Ng for a statement.

Nigel Ng (left) and his co-host Evelyn Mok.

Image via Rice to Meet You Podcast (YouTube)

Regardless of what the reasons may be, many Malaysian fans are thrilled to learn about his return after his big break on YouTube

"Going back to this time?" asked a concerned fan, adding, "Hmmmm... they are on Movement Control Order (MCO) again from 13 to 26 January. Stay safe, Nigel."

"Yay! Nigel is back [in] Malaysia. Yes, I wish to meet him, but NO, I don't wish to be chocked," said another fan, possibly referring to one of the jokes Ng made.

"Ayyy! Nigel in Malaysia now," commented a person in all caps.

Image via YouTube

Meanwhile, the news of Ng's return went viral on various Facebook pages too.

"Fuiyooo. This time MCO, Uncle Roger can make fried rice every day. Aunty Helen, your ex-baby come back already," said a netizen while imitating the way Uncle Roger speaks.

"All I want to come back to Malaysia is the food. (sic) Haiyaa, now only can eat my own fried rice. Uncle Roger is so sad," joked another person.

One netizen even asked if Ng wants to review fried rice made by the mamak restaurants here.

Image via Facebook

Watch Ng talk about his return to Malaysia at the 3.08-minute mark here:

Malaysia is currently under a MCO and a state of emergency to combat the spread of COVID-19:

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