No PTPTN Repayment For Bumiputeras And 3 Other Demands By Malay Rights Coalition

Among the demands that the National Unity Memorandum will make is for Bumiputera students to be exempted from repaying the PTPTN loan.

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A Coalition Of Malay Groups Tabled The National Unity Memorandum At A Massive Convention For Malay Rights On Sunday, 23 November, 2014, Where They Made Several Demands From The Government

The convention today was organised by a coalition of 58 Malay NGOs, and was attended by over 300 groups, to debate and pass a National Unity Memorandum draft to be delivered to the Malay rulers, Putrajaya, the Cabinet, and every mentri besar or chief ministers. The memorandum, titled “Malaysian Unity: the Core of National Peace and Prosperity”, covered topics such as economy, law, education and Islam.

The memorandum, which was tabled and debated in the convention, will also be delivered during the Umno General Assembly, on November 27.

The groups intend to send the National Unity Memorandum to the government, the Yang DiPertuan Agong and the Council of Rulers.

Firstly, The Coalition Urged That Only Bumiputera Students Should Be Exempted From Repaying Their PTPTN Loans

A coalition of Malay rights groups, led by Perkasa, today urged Putrajaya to consider allowing only Bumiputeras to be exempt from repaying their National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) loan schemes.

The current PTPTN systems allows for all its debtors who graduated with first-class honours to be exempt from repaying their loans, regardless of race. They noted that in 2011, 8,818 Chinese students were exempted from repaying the PTPTN loans, compared with 2,347 Malays, and 456 Indians. "If this issue is not handled wisely, it could result in Bumiputera students getting angry with PTPTN and upset with the Malaysian government. "At the same time, this issue could potentially create anger among Bumiputera students towards non-Bumiputera students."

"The Malaysian government must take immediate action over the phenomenon of many non-Bumiputeras being exempted 100% from PTPTN, compared with the Bumiputera students," read the memorandum, which was drafted by a committee headed by Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

Asking If There Were A Conspiracy Among Private Institutions Granting Non-Bumiputeras Higher Grades, The Coalition Wants The Government To Study Why Bumiputera Students' Academic Results Are Declining Compared To Non-Bumiputeras

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali giving a speech at Konvensyen Perpaduan Nasional in Pusat Islam Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, November 23, 2014.

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"At the same time, the Malaysian government must study the reasons why Bumiputera students' academics are declining, compared with non-Bumiputeras.

The convention of Malay rights group also alleged of a possible conspiracy among private institutions of higher learning (IPTS) to grant non-Bumiputera students higher grades, which it claimed could escalate into a racial issue that can disturb national unity.

“PTPTN’s action has created some questions. First, how and why cannot Bumiputera students compete with non-Bumiputera students? Secondly, is PTPTN’s action caused by the IPTS’ ‘lenient’ marking system and curriculum until they don’t have to pay back their loans?” the memorandum asked. “Thirdly, are Bumiputera students not the ‘cream of the creams’ [sic]. Fourthly, is there a hidden agenda of some parties in IPTS, enabling a lot of non-Bumiputera students to be exempted from repayments?”

Secondly, The Coalition Says It's Time To Abolish Vernacular Schools

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“It is time for the Malaysian government to abolished a three-stream education system. Specifically, it is time for the Malaysian government to abolish the Chinese and Tamil primary and secondary system. “It should implement only the national school system for the primary and secondary stages, for every citizens, regardless of race,” said a memorandum drafted during the convention here.

The memorandum also contained the allegation that the vernacular system has polarised Malaysians according to race, religion and culture. “The Malaysian government must be strict and not compromise with anybody in implementing this. This strictness is needed because the current system is not conducive towards the effort of nourishing and strengthening national unity in Malaysia,” it said.

Thirdly, They Want The Government To Silence 'Radical' Educational Organisations Like Dong Zong

The memorandum urged the government to also explain to the public Dong Zong's links to "Suqiu", a Chinese, "ultra-chauvinist movement" which had come up with 83 demands from Putrajaya in 1999. It said Putrajaya could not bow to any pressure from non-Bumiputera aducation activists.

"If the proposal to abolish SKJC and SKJT is opposed by organisations like Dong Zong, the Malaysian government must review these organisations, and issue a show-cause letter asking why their registration should not be revoked.

"In other words, it is time the Malaysian government acts firmly against any radical education group that opposes efforts to promote national unity, including Dong Zong and its ilk."

Besides That, The Memorandum Also Pushed For Bumiputera Citizens To Be Officially Recognised As "Bangsa Teras" Or "Core Group" Who Will Play A Major Role In The Formulation And Implementation Of National Policies

The National Unity Convention passed today a declaration that, among others, sought for Bumiputera citizens to be officially recognised as “bangsa teras”, or “core group”, who “calls the shots” on national policies.

The declaration also pushed for the Federal Constitution and this conceptual “core group” to be the cornerstone in the formulating and implementation of all actions, programmes and policies in nation forming, building and development. “In the context of our country, the public is 67 per cent Bumiputera. So you have to listen to the majority first, only then you consider the other groups. That is how democracy goes,” Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali told reporters.

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