No Traffic Light? No Problem! Delivery Riders Direct Traffic During Power Outage In Kepong

Power la!

Cover image via Vulcan Post & @tallpiscesgirl (TikTok)

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West Malaysians got a shock yesterday, 27 July, when a power outage caused a massive blackout in many major cities

The power outage reportedly affected areas such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Kajang, Bangi, Cheras, and Bandar Sunway.

This incident caused mass confusion among Malaysians and prevented others from getting on with their day.

This included traffic control as many traffic lights could not function, causing bad traffic jams throughout the affected areas.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) issued a statement saying the power outage was caused by a fire at the Yong Peng, Johor, TNB substation. A video of the fire has since gone viral.

One of the areas that was affected by the non-functioning traffic lights was at a major junction in front of the Aeon Mall in Kepong, KL

Based on a video posted by a TikTok user, Charmaine Pua, there was a heavy influx of traffic around the junction, and one would think a massive traffic jam would occur due to the traffic lights being out.

Surprisingly, the traffic seemed to be moving at a reasonable pace, and as Pua was driving by the junction itself, it was evident why traffic was able to move pretty smoothly.

The video showed a guy in a distinctive pink shirt taking the initiative to help direct traffic

A foodpanda rider was seen in the middle of the junction, efficiently directing a large number of cars. He was doing a good job as the vehicles were able to move at a steady pace without too much buildup happening.

Aside from the foodpanda rider, Pua also reported a Grab and AEON rider helping as well. She mentioned that their traffic direction was a big help in preventing what could have been a massive traffic jam.

Pua said it warmed her heart to see such a selfless act being carried out during a time of crisis

Speaking with SAYS, she described the scene as memorable and touching.

"They could have just loitered around and did nothing during this time, but they chose to sacrifice their time and energy for the good of the people. [It's] so touching and it feels like when we're united, we can achieve anything," said Pua.

Netizens were equally as touched and expressed how proud they were of these individuals

One user wrote, "The foodpanda guy is amazing."

Another user gave the thumbs up to all types of delivery riders.

One netizen took the opportunity to highlight their own experience of seeing other Grab and Lalamove riders helping to direct traffic at Selayang. "Salute to them," they said.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full video below:

@tallpiscesgirl X de elektrik, x de traffic light, nasib baik ada Abang Foodpanda, Abang ShopeeFood dan Abang Aeon! Terbaek!! #noelectricity #xdeelektrik #foodpanda #foodpandamalaysia #shopeefood Still Handsome - KimNana -

Thank you to the riders for your selflessness!

The massive blackout across major Malaysian cities yesterday was reportedly due to a fire at a TNB substation:

Netizens had lots to say when the blackout happened: