Nora Quoirin's Post-Mortem Shows That The 15-Year-Old Was Not Abducted Or Raped

Medical experts conducted a nine-hour autopsy on her remains.

Cover image via Free Malaysia Today

Police have confirmed that Nora Quoirin died "about two to three days" before her body was discovered by volunteer hikers on 13 August

The waterfall near where Nora's body was found.

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Medical experts, who conducted a nine-hour autopsy on the 15-year-old's remains, concluded that she passed away "not more than four days" before she was found in a stream 2km away from The Dusun Rainforest Resort, The Star reported.

The girl, who had learning difficulties, went missing from the holiday resort on 4 August.

State police chief Datuk Mohamad Mat Yusop revealed that Nora's death was due to upper gastrointestinal bleeding, which could have been caused from prolonged starvation

He told reporters at a press conference held today, 15 August, that the internal bleeding could have also been caused by "prolonged stress".

"This is the cause of death found by the pathologists, and samples have been collected to be sent to be further analysed," Yusop added.

According to the post-mortem, there was nothing to show that the 15-year-old was abducted or subjected to any form of violence

He confirmed that Nora's hymen was still in tact, indicating that she had not been raped.

Aside from a bruise on Nora's leg, there were no injuries to her body.

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