Nurses Suspended For Taking Turns To Lie In JJ Lin's Hospital Bed After He Was Admitted

He later revealed that he was diagnosed with the contagious hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD).

Cover image via Instagram @jfj_productions & CNA Lifestyle

Singaporean singer JJ Lin was hospitalised recently after his concert in the city of Zhenjiang, China on 26 October

According to CNA Lifestyle, the 38-year-old performer had completed the 58th show of his 'Sanctuary 2.0 World Tour' despite feeling unwell.

He was rushed to Zhenjiang First People's Hospital after the show, where he was hospitalised for a night.

It was what happened after he was discharged from the hospital that has caused some concern

In a video circulating online, female hospital staff can be seen taking turns to lie on the bed that was allegedly used by Lin while several others are filming and giggling.

Screenshots of a group chat involving the nurses on duty during JJ's hospitalisation also found its way online

According to Toggle, one of the screenshots showed a nurse sharing that JJ was currently in the hospital, encouraging others to "go get your autographs if you want to".

Most concerning of all, pictures of Lin's used medical supplies were also circulated online with one person claiming to have sold his used intravenous drip bag and needle.

The post contained a picture of an IV drip bag with the Chinese character for 'Lin' written on it.

Image via Straits Times

However, after an internal investigation by the hospital, it was confirmed that no medical waste had gone missing

In a statement released on Weibo on 28 October, the hospital said, "We are aware that our staff had taken videos and pictures and uploaded it to social media. There were also pictures circulating around claiming to sell medical supplies used by Mr JJ Lin."

"The hospital disposes of medical waste in strict accordance to disposal regulations. After investigating, no medical waste was missing."

They also shared that 11 staff members who were involved in the fiasco will be suspended for a minimum of six months.

Image via CNA Lifestyle

Lin later revealed that he was diagnosed with the contagious viral infection called hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD)

According to Sina, Lin told concert-goers in Chongqing city on Saturday, 2 November, that he had the infection, which is known to more commonly afflict children and infants.

He added that after a few days of fever, he also had over 70 ulcers in his mouth.

According to the Ministry of Health, HFMD is moderately contagious. Infection is spread from person to person by direct contact with nose and throat discharges or the stool of infected persons. A person is most contagious during the first week of the illness.

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